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My name is Mariana,  Founder of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur Movement

Where we help service based businesses make consistent recurring revenue online through our signature methodology the Thrive Business Model.

FREE Training: BREAK The Feast & Famine Cycle

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Who is Mariana?

Mariana is an RN turned Certified Business Coach + Consultant, International best selling author & CEO.  She runs Impact-Driven® Entrepreneurs where she helps service based entrepreneur (like you) to create consistent recurring revenue online without burnout, by helping you run your business like a thriving CEO…not have a business that runs your you ragged.

She climbed her way up the corporate ladder in hospital administration and the week she was asked to oversee 3 hospitals, her preemie daughter was born weighing in at only 2 lbs.

She leaned into her side coaching gig and built her business with 2 kids under 2 in tow to 6-figures. 

Now she helps hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world to build businesses that are profitable, sustainable and give them the freedom & fulfillment they desire.

To sum her up…She is a nerd at heart with a no B.S. approach (that includes the occasional F bomb!)  and a caring heart.

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Free Training: Create consistent recurring revenue online.

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