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Who is Mariana?

Mariana is an RN turned Certified Business Coach + Consultant, International best selling author & CEO.  She runs Impact-Driven® Entrepreneurs where she helps coaches to scale their business online without burnout, by helping you run your business like a Thriving CEO…not have J-O-B disguised as a business that runs your you ragged.

Coaching is not usually a linear path, for Mariana it was a huge pivot. She climbed her way up the corporate ladder in hospital administration and the week she was asked to oversee 3 hospitals, her preemie daughter was born weighing in at only 2 lbs.

She leaned into her side coaching gig and built her business with 2 kids under 2 in tow to 6-figures. 

Now she helps hundreds of coaches all over the world to build profitable, sustainable coaching companies that make a difference in the world and give you the income and time freedom that you longed for when you began your coaching practice.

To sum her up…She is a coffee loving nerd with a big heart with a no B.S. approach (that includes the occasional F bomb!).

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