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Our Mission

The Impact-Driven Entrepreneur's mission is to create ripples of impact by putting money into the hands of good people so that they do good in the world.

Impact Driven Entrepreneur Values

  • I take full responsibility for what I do and don’t do, what I know and don’t know, and how I show up. I do what we say I will do. 
  • I learn something new and apply it every day. 
  • We support and delight our clients and soon to be clients every day.
  • We are thorough, specific and take initiative.
  • We are transparent, we show up as ourselves confidently and tell ourselves and others the truth. 
  • We show the world that anything is possible for them by creating our life on purpose.
  • We experiment and constantly tweak to improve our systems and processes to be more effective. 
  • We are reliable and follow through for ourselves and others. 
  • We achieve financial independence by being profit producing every day. 
  • We are great problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators. We don’t think outside the box, we operate like there is no box. 
  • We tap into our own full potential and see every human as the full unlimited potential that they are.
  • We treat others with kindness, compassion, and love because we never fully know what someone else may be going through.
  • To be impactful means to be world-class, we operate like it in everything we do.

"Holy Wow! Mariana schooled myself and my team and within the first 90 days of using her strategy, we filled 2 new group programs completely and added six figures in re-occurring revenue organically-with ease. A year later, we added over 7 figures. Total game changer."

Kelly Roach
Business Growth Strategist

"Before I started working with Mariana in The Profitable Impact Formula I was getting clients but undercharging. During the course of our work together, I doubled my price, added a group program and started selling my higher level 1:1 programs with ease. This allowed me to make consistent 5-figure months!"

Sara Loureiro
Certified Business Coach

"The Impact Formula helped me to get multiple clients and then up-sell into my high-end packages, I brought on a team and even launched a Podcast! I am grateful that I am not doing it all myself anymore and it opened up the doors for more client and cash."

Aprille Reed
Business Strategist and Webinar Funnel Architect

"Flora launched her first group program and we had our first $5K month followed by consistent $5K months thereafter. Find a way to work with Mariana!!"

Flora & Kristy Ware
Leadership Coach & Wellness Coach

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