Anti-Racism Resources

I wanted to put together some of the resources that I found helpful as I have educated myself around racism and being anti-racist. As I mentioned in the episode with Timothy Gay on the Impact Driven Entrepreneur podcast, this is not a box you can check off and be done. Just like we can study marketing for years and years and learn something new every day, experts studying this for 30+ years talk about how they learn more every single day. This is a process and I want to share what I have found helpful on my journey to help you as well. So this page will be updated as I continue my own journey as a white passing hispanic woman and mother of two biracial children.

Some of the content we have published so far on The Impact Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

How and where we can continue to show up to support black lives matter 

This conversation with Timothy Gay is wide ranging and deep. We cover important topics related to equity.

How to create equality in your coaching business

I brought listener and friend Berhenda Williams to talk about how we can create equality in our coaching businesses. 

Can I speak up about the black lives matter movement?

I brought one of my coaches and mentors Dr. Monikah Ogando to talk about speaking up about the movement.

How to be an ally in the black lives matter movement

In this episode, I bring on some of my past clients and team to talk openly about their experiences and what we can do to be an ally in this movement.