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1 Easy Strategy You Can Implement Today For How to Create Valuable Content and Desire For Your Program

Jan 08, 2018

I get it…

Creating content is hard. 

You need to create something that your audience wants to see and something that provides them with value. You need to be consistent with your content posting which means you’re gonna need a massive amount of content. 

All this can be daunting and has put off many people from posting content for their business.

What if I showed you how to create valuable content that you’re audience will love? What if you could make all of this in advance so you’re not scrambling at the last minute? This is what we’re going to be going over today.


Simple And Easy Content Marketing Strategy Plan


There is one very simple strategy you can use to create a ton of content with ease.

Answer questions.

This might seem too easy but you want to create a system around it so it's easy to do as well as logical and converts in your content.

One question you need to answer when doing this is How do we generate desire for what we want to sell?

I was in a mastermind group that was full of just coaches. We meet every week for about a year.

Someone in this group is a relationship coach and asked one day she asked. How do I get my facebook group to convert more? How do I get more conversions, interests and discovery calls from my live shows?

I looked at what she was doing and after we talked for a bit I told her that it looked like she was not creating any desire for her program. I told her to say one line on her live show and she got a discovery call from what live episode. 

“With my one on one clients I customize it to your relationships. We look at your situation and custom tailor a strategy that works for you.”

It can be that simple. Let them know what you do and give them the answer to the question they have. But the answer you give them is just a general answer and not applicable to their specific situation


Why Quality Content Is Important


There is an infinite amount of content, knowledge and value that you can offer to your clients.

A Lot of people say they want to do content marketing and get themselves out there. However they’re unsure if it takes away from their clients that pay them or they think that they’ll lose clients because they have all the answers.

The reality is what you offer is so much more valuable than 5 tips on X. It's so much more powerful and valuable than that.

Instead look at content creation as a way to connect with your people. You want to be helping and serving them. After you get their attention then you tell them that what you do is similar to this but completely customized to you.

If you sell courses, tell them that your course is way deeper than this and you can’t cover it all in a single live show or video. This is true, so don’t feel bad about doing this. 

What you're selling is the whole system if you're selling a course. If you're selling coaching or one on one work of any kind its custom tailored to their situation.

For example I sell coaching on group programs and specifically custom tailor my coaching to my clients and their situations. I also created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework which i provide to anyone for free. It gives a good overview of how to create and launch their own group program but theres no way I can account for everyone in that document.


How to Create a Good Content Marketing Strategy


Go back and look at what they’re really buying. 

In a coaching situation what they’re buying is customized information to their situation. 

Yes, you’re giving information and it's general in your video but it's not taking away from your 1-1 clients. Besides there's no way that you would know every possible situation and be able to cover that in a single video. 

With coaching it's a lot of inquisitive questioning. Getting them to answer is the best thing for them and there’s no way you could do that on a mass scale or a single 5 tip blog post.

Know that your value is so much more than anything that you could give away in a piece of content


Set up a content creation system that focuses on questions. 

Write down all the questions that your getting or seeing in FB group, private clients, group coaching, mastermind, networking, etc

What are people asking you and how can you answer those questions in content?

The awesome thing about this is that these questions that you're answering are probably what your audience is googling and searching. So this serves as a solid way for them to find you and works as a dual strategy. Connect with them while at the same time attracting them.


Make sure your offer lines up. 

Have congruence and flow in your content. If you're talking about art, next week you need to be selling that art. Make it that simple and that congruent for you and your business.



Frequency. Mostly up to you, but you need to make sure that you’re consistent.

Creating a solid content marketing strategy and creating desire is great way to increase your conversion rate and your client base. Introducing a group program is a good way to start scaling afterwards.

There’s only so many hours in the day and if you continue to take on clients in a 1-1 way then you're quickly going to hit a wall. A group program is a good way to free up some of that time you spend on just servicing your clients so you can work on other aspects of your business, or just spend more time on what’s really important to you.

I know that group programs can be intimidating. You’re not sure what to do and how things will play out. Fortunately for you I’ve been around the block a few times so I know a thing or two about group programs.


I’ve created a resource I call the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. This contains all the knowledge and experience I have gained over years with my clients. It shows you exactly how to create and launch your own group program to success. Best of all this is FREE for anyone that needs it.


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