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3 Things You Need To Consider When Setting Your Coaching Packages Prices (EP #191: REBROADCAST)

Nov 04, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about coaching packages prices and what you need to do so you can charge a rate that benefits not only yourself but your clients as well.


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Key Takeaways for Coaching Package Prices:

[00:59] Why what your worried about doesn't matter when it comes to pricing, and what you really need to work on instead

[05:06] How everyone loses when you undercharge for your services

[10:03] The epidemic sweeping coaches across the globe

[11:27] If you can’t do it for yourself, or your clients, try doing it for this!

[20:35] Why it’s okay if you have less people buying from you


Being able to raise your prices as a coach is a lot of mental work. Mental work that doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve helped dozens of coaches fix their mindset so they can raise their prices with confidence and sell out their programs. Let us help you next. Apply for a consultation here.


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