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3 Ways to Know Your Coaching Packages Prices Are Right For Your Market (EP 172)

Aug 26, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about the three ways that you can determine if your coaching package prices are right for your market. 

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Key Takeaways for How to Determine The Right Your Coaching Packages Prices for Your Niche Market:

[01:28] How you might actually be losing money on coaching packages.

[04:34] How we help our clients to have three day work weeks

[05:13] Making sure you're hitting the online marketing

[05:37] The beauty of selling high-end.

[06:23] The three things to make sure your pricing appropriately

[08:42] The art of high-ticket selling. 

[09:37] Many of our clients have been able to double or triple their rate, by doing this one thing

[11:51] How to do fewer phone calls, have a higher conversion rate and make more money.

[12:38] If you're getting the right people on calls but they're not closing, you should do this.

[13:15] What to do if you've exhausted the marketing and the sales aspects for getting clients, but you're still not able to sell at the price point that you're trying to sell.

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