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5 Selling Strategies That Work So Well for Online Coaches

May 26, 2022

It’s no secret that sales is so important for any business. It’s the main way we get customers or clients. It provides our business with income and revenue. Ultimately sales is what allows us to continue to do what we do for our clients.


So it stands to reason that we should learn how to effectively do sales. There are many different selling strategies, so it's important to find the one that works best for you.


The 5 Most Most Effective Sales Strategies

There are 5 big conversation events that we can use to make sales. Each one comes with pros and cons: 


Sales calls 

Traditional and a staple, everyone does this.

 Sales calls allow you to close a high number of clients and a high percentage of clients. More than any other of these other options. There’s a high conversion rate, high touch point, and high connectivity.

 However this selling strategy isn’t the be all and end all. Like everything else it comes with its own share of problems. There's only one of you and a limit of what you can physically do.

 So you're not only coaching, but sales calls, maybe you have kids or other responsibilities.

 It’s important to do this along with some other strategies to scale up. The goal is to continue to grow and expand on what's working. Not just continue to trade dollars for hours by doing everything yourself.

 Train a team to help you with the sales calls.



This is a fantastic sales strategy to get a large amount of people through your conversion event. You can get 100 people through and convert a percentage of those.

One presentation is 60-90 minutes.

The webinar is not the only part of the strategy. A mistake people make is they do the webinar as a facebook live. You miss the rest of the sales process, as well as people that aren’t a part of your Facebook group won’t be able to see it.

 Webinars are a good way to move from doing it on a one on one way to a one to many way.


 Email sequence

If you have people on your email list then this is quick, effortless and easy. The people you already have, get them to buy from you.

 It’s as simple as setting up a 3 day email sequence plus some follow up emails that you can send out to your list.

 If you have people that are already on your list, get them to buy from you.


 Video series

Doing a video series is very similar to a live launch. The biggest difference is that this is a very scripted way of getting people through different parts of your sales system.

 Unlike a challenge the videos are going to be spaced apart more. Maybe they see a video once a week or so. I did this once but personally felt it didn't have the momentum of challenges.



Challenges are almost like setting up a free course for them. Give a result within 5 days or 3 days. There are no rules, some people do them in 30 days.

 I prefer 5 days, I've tried 30 days but I lose steam cause you need to be energetic and showing up the entire time.

 Give them a course that's going to get them a result at the end. That result is going to propel them into your next offering. You’ll be teaching every day, live.

 What we do is we offer during challenges is accountability threads and our team reaching out to you. 

 It's not so much what you're going to teach them. 

 It’s more about what’s everything you have going on before, during and after the conversation event that's going to allow it to convert exponentially higher.

 It’s not all about just the conversion event, there’s so much more to it than that.


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