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5 Selling Strategy Examples That Could Turn Your Business Around (EP #192: Rebroadcast)

Nov 09, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about what you can do to help you sell your program when you’re struggling. She provides 5 tips you can implement right now to get more sales as well as selling strategy examples.


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Key Takeaways for Selling Strategy Examples:

[01:08] The ground work that needs to be set so you can sell confidently 

[02:22] Do you want to sell your service? Easy question, tough to answer

[04:44] Pricing 101 and why pricing lower isn’t going to help you get sales

[06:08] The easiest way get rid of the doubt in the back of your mind that's holding you back

[08:02] You think that you're doing enough of this, but you're not

[10:49] On average you need to this 5 -7 times before you can close a sale


Most of these tips can be used relatively easily and done by yourself.  However some things require a bit more of a guiding hand. We’ve helped many clients get past just the surface thoughts they’re having and really helped them with the root of the issue. Doing this brings long lasting change, which is what we all want. Allow us to help you achieve this for yourself. Apply for a consultation here.


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