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6 Myths that burnt out coaches believe (EP 142)

May 13, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about common beliefs and misconceptions that are causing coaches to burn out in their business and how to fix them so you can become a thriving impactful CEO.

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Key Takeaways for 6 Myths that burnt out coaches believe:

[04:00] You can Learn too much and it doesn’t help as much as you think

[12:49] The price for success isn’t an arm and a leg.  It’s not even close

[17:24] Many struggling coaches thing THIS is more noble but its actually not

[22:28] Marketing trends and fads are fleeting. This is what you should be focusing on instead

[26:21] Why the ‘right’ time never comes in your business

[34:36] Imposter syndrome and what you can do about it

[39:51] 5 Differentiators that seperate those that thrive and those that struggle

[44:27] 6 switches you can flip that will move people through the customer success journey


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