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How Are You Doing in Your Business Right Now? The Motivation for Business to Keep You Going No Matter What

Dec 23, 2020

One of my clients started having consistent money coming into business. She was getting the point where she feels comfortable with her bank account and being able to do things with her life.

There was temptation to stop doing marketing and sales marketing. Even though she was doing well, she was starting to lose the motivation for business.

Are you ready to get to that next level but you stalled out?

No motivation and don't know what to do next?

The solution to this is to expand to the next level. With expansion we can have this slightly uncomfortable feeling even though it is helpful to us and something we want to do.


What Happens When You Say “I Feel Stuck Financially”


When we’re about to move to the next level of our business we tend to have thoughts that are contradictory to where we’re going.

We might have misconceptions about what it means  if we have more money. What are we making that mean about ourselves? About the type of person...

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Stuck in a Financial Rut? Get Over that Plateau with These 3 Easy Tips (EP #204: REBROADCAST)

Dec 23, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about 3 tips you can use if you're finding yourself stuck in a financial rut and not motivated to keep going further in your business.


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Key takeaways for Getting Stuck in a Financial Rut:

[01:30] Preprogramming and why you need to get rid of it

[04:12] What are you gaining by staying where you are?

[05:23] Get out of your own head and into those that are where you want to be

[07:13] How to get see what you can’t in your own business

[09:59] Discomfort is the currency of our dreams


Are you in a financial rut? Getting stuck has a lot to do with your mindset. We’ve helped many of our clients get themselves out and continue to achieve their goals. Let us help. Apply for a consultation here.



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The Coach's Secret to Growing Your Audience with These Easy Facebook Algorithm Hacks (EP #203: REBROADCAST)

Dec 21, 2020

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you had Facebook algorithm hacks to make your life easier? Have you ever wondered how you can painlessly engage in posts? Or maybe you want to make your Facebook campaigns work?


In this episode, Mariana will give you answers to these questions and more, so you can use them to create your scalable sales systems.

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Key Takeaways  for Facebook Algorithm Hacks:

[00:12] How to post links the right way on Facebook

[02:35] How to get more viewers on your content with these Facebook algorithm hacks

[05:19] The powerful conversion secret about having genuine conversations

[08:54] This one Facebook algorithm hack to make the algorithm work for you  

[11:39] The coach's secret to making things fun and engaging for your followers  

[12:33] This is why Facebook isn't the only platform for your business


Do you want to become a master...

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Make More Money With Freebies That Convert and Protect Your Business Assets By Learning How to Grow Your Email Database

Dec 16, 2020

There's one thing that's only your property in business and that’s your email list. It's the only thing you have complete control over. 

You can grow off of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc but these can shut you down at a moment's notice. Have an opt in, and you're gonna need people to join in through that opt in to create your email list.

This is why I teach principles instead of strategies. These can be applied no matter where you're going. Today I want to show you how to grow your email database. You need to build a foundation that is strong enough for you to move forward and scale up. 

A great way to scale up your business after you get your email list up and running is to create a group program. Never again have days full of coaching calls and nothing but coaching calls. Get all your coaching done in a fraction of the time. I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework to help people create and launch their own group program so they can start...

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Why You Need A List Of Your Own And Some Email List Growth Hacks To Help You Build One (EP #202: REBROADCAST)

Dec 16, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about how you can grow and build your audience. The reason you don’t go all in on a specific platform and email list growth hacks. 


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Key takeaways for Email List Growth Hacks:

[00:51] The only thing that you own as business and why you need to build it up

[06:32] Be mindful of what you're saying and how your saying it

[10:59] Why you shouldn’t have a deadline on your freebie

[17:09] How to test your ideas and find out what your clients want

[19:28] Create your freebie only after you’ve done the proper legwork

[21:51] The best ways to promote your freebie and how to get people to opt in

[24:31] Last 2 things to keep in mind before you get to work


Ready to grow your email list and audience for with up to 15-30 leads a day? Want your freebie to go convert and start bringing in income for you and your business? We can help. Apply for a...

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The Coach's Secret: How to Increase Earning Potential More Easily With Your Messaging

Dec 14, 2020

You have probably hit a wall at some point in your business where you went: "For my business, I don't know how to increase earning potential anymore."

You might have kept going on with whatever was working at the moment. Maybe you thought you have to stick with whatever works.

Burnt out coaches hold onto their old habits. But if they don't try to adapt, they often have more problems than not.

Look at what kind of effects it could have. Imagine what your client would feel if you are not able to satisfy her needs. 

You have the skills needed for your coaching work. Your clients come in ready to roll, only to be utterly disappointed and feel left alone.

"I didn't expect that coach to be this different. I thought I finally found the one to solve my problems. But she isn't the right person to solve them..."

What is more important to you? Being imperfect and being able to do the right things? Or sticking with the old ways and hoping that not much will change.

Have you ever thought...

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How to Easily Unlock Your Potential Earnings as a Coach (EP #201: REBROADCAST)

Dec 14, 2020

Have you ever been in this situation while trying to uncap your potential earnings?

"For some reason, some types of people jump into my programs more likely than others. I don't know why they do that. I don't want to risk doing something different now, too. If I only knew how it works, so I can better serve my clients.”

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to talk to each client differently depending on how much they know about their problems.

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Key Takeaways About Potential Earnings:

[00:54] Why speaking to your audience correctly will increase your potential earnings on demand

[02:36] The hidden truth about marketing and sales and how important it is for scaling

[03:17] How to deal with someone who doesn't know their problem exists in the first place

[05:30] "Now what. They know their problem..." - But have you ever thought about this?

[06:49] This will easily bank you in the clients that know...

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4 Ways of Hiring Help and What You Need to Keep In Mind During the Recruitment and Selection Process

Dec 09, 2020

Everyone has a limit.

If you try to do everything in your business by yourself you’re going to burn yourself out. Bringing in help is crucial to creating sustainable recurring income.

I want to show you why you need to bring in help for your business, where to find it and the general recruitment and selection process.

Once you get people helping you in your business that frees up a lot of time for yourself to do the stuff that really matters. Another way to free up time is to start a group program and serve all your clients in one go. I know this can be intimidating but I’ve created what I call Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist, which is FREE for anyone that needs help launching their own group program.


The Importance Of Going Through The Different Recruitment Phases


Think of it like this, imagine your business as a table.Everyone has a bandwidth. Think of this like a tablecloth sitting over your table. Your bandwidth is the time, energy, effort and...

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Selecting Candidates to Work with You and Your Business - Everything You Need to Know From Where to Find Them to How to Get Started (EP #200: REBROADCAST)

Dec 09, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about the different stages of hiring and what you need to know when selecting candidates. 


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Key takeaways for Selecting Candidates:

[00:09] Why it's so important to hire help for your business

[02:11] One of the cheapest ways to get help in your business

[04:37] One of the most expensive ways to get help in your business

[06:04] The single best way to hire and grow your business at the same time

[06:29] Why you should be hiring full time over part time employees

[08:09] Frequently asked questions regarding hiring

Hiring for your business is crucial for creating consistent recurring revenue. You want to make sure that you get the right people for the right positions. We’ve helped plenty of clients get started hiring in their business, we can help you next. Apply for a consultation here.


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The Secret Way of Coaches That Will Make You Seize an Advantage in a Downturn

Dec 07, 2020

Maybe during this year I kept thinking: 

"How the hell am I going to make it through this year? I lowered my Facebook Ad spent and created more content instead. Nothing seems to work out. 

Everyone around is struggling the same way. It's taking me away from my kids so much. How is it possible to seize an advantage in a downturn like that?"

Burnt out coaches think there are no profits to be gained but everything to be lost inside a downturn, like with the current pandemic going on.

It's like being a deer, staring into the headlights of the oncoming car, being frozen on the spot and not even trying to jump away.

Even when a volcano erupts, is it more important to stay where you are and not move an inch away or avoid being hurt by the incoming rocks and clouds of hot gasses.

Thriving coaches know that they can't sit still and wait for it to be all over. They can't really judge how long the circumstances might last. So they try to take it as it is and find possibilities that...

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