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Get things Done & Procrastinate NO MORE: Flow the Psychology of Optimal Experience (EP 21)

Oct 16, 2017


In this episode, Mariana talks about how we can work at our most efficient capacity to get things done with flow the psychology of optimal experience. We all need a push sometimes and we all know that procrastination is the ultimate enemy, especially when it comes to parts of work we don’t feel confident in. But business and life is all about growth and making things happen.

Learn about flow the psychology of optimal experience and change the way you approach your business and your life for the better.


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Key takeaways for flow the psychology of optimal experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:


[03:23] What is flow and how to find it?


[07:10] Understanding the flow model 


[10:32] The tools needed for you to find your state of flow and stay there


[13:40] How skill and flow are connected and why it matters


[16:00] Challenge or skill which do you need more?


Ready to stop procrastinating and get some serious work done? Let’s find your flow state for the optimal experience so you can start seeing the benefits and results in your impact and your revenue!  Apply for a consultation here. 


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