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Stop questioning your worth and get into the Thriving Entrepreneur Mindset (EP 20)

Oct 09, 2017


In this episode, Mariana talks about how we are all worthy and the traps we fall into to think otherwise. It’s time to stop questioning your self-worth and get into the Thriving Entrepreneur Mindset. When you reframe your thoughts and believe in yourself the way you should then you are already paving the path to a more successful business.  

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Key takeaways on how to stop comparing yourself with others:


[05:06] What happens when you remember that we are all equal?


[06:00] How to stop letting money define your work


[07:45] Comparing yourself to others and understanding your  value  


[11:55] Different ways to reconnect with who you truly are


[16:01] The importance of remembering why you started your business


[18:09] Learn to be your most authentic self and let go of what others think


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