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What we all want but often fail to do: How to stop comparing yourself to others once and for all

Oct 11, 2017


The world is constantly changing and in this moment in time no truer words have ever been written. The world, the internet, life is constantly in flux. Today we have numerous social media sites curated to show the perfect way to live life, run a business, the list is practically endless and in this time it can be difficult to not compare yourself and it can be even harder knowing how to stop comparing yourself to others. But here at Impact Driven Entrepreneur we want you to know you are just as worthy as is everyone else and the space you create is just as valuable as those curated pages you scroll passed.


Rediscover your sense of self worth


Everyone is worthy. Don’t fall into the trap and think that your work is less, that you don’t have what other life coaches or other’s in general have to be successful and run a successful business. Because nothing could be farther from the truth. You had the confidence in yourself to start a business, continue to build that confidence and push through. Everyone can have moments of doubt, moments of comparison, but that should not be the controlling factor. You are the one in control. It’s all about your mindset.



When running your business don’t get lost in the myth of self worth and money or charging what you’re worth


Often in the life coaching business we talk about pricing based on your worth. But everyone is worthy so tying the two together, especially when you are stuck in a comparison loop can make it difficult to correctly ask for the price you want. If you can step back and see your value, see what you bring to the business, understand how you serve and impact your clients, it doesn’t just come down to worth, your pricing is based on the bigger picture.


You are equally worthy, the only difference between price points of other coaches is the value we provide to our customers. It has nothing to do with your personal worth and you are still worthy even if you are charging less or more than others.



Getting to know all about you, AKA, know yourself and know your worth


The biggest lesson we can learn is to know we are worthy in every way possible. Comparing ourselves to others just detracts our ability to move forward and succeed the way we should. As I mentioned earlier, getting your mindset to a place where you are no longer questioning yourself can be one of the biggest transformations you can make in your business. Whether that’s digging into a more spiritual or religious place or perhaps joining a community to help change your ways of thinking; looking deeper into yourself and asking the hard questions is a way to stop struggling and go for exactly what you want. 


Ready to master your mind, to understand that you are worthy and make the best decisions for your business and learn how to stop comparing yourself to others? Then join us and transform your business!  Apply for a consultation here. 


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