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Success is just around the corner let’s get focused with mindfulness and flow state

Oct 18, 2017


Staying focused can be hard, especially if you’re someone who is juggling a lot on their plate. It can be difficult to know what to prioritize and when. And often it may feel like time is flying by without you accomplishing anything at all. However, research done by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on what he deemed the flow state, just may be the key you have been looking for.


Mindfulness and flow state is when we are so clearly in a zone and focused that it transforms our own sense of time. You are able to achieve that which may have seemed impossible before. Finding that mindfulness and flow state in fact can be the game changer for your productivity and your business.



Reaching your goals by finding flow in entrepreneurship


How does one find their flow exactly? Finding your flow in entrepreneurship may not be an easy task at times, especially if you are a one person band. But achieving flow state isn’t just about sitting down and telling yourself to focus. It’s about getting to a place within yourself that allows you to zone in and get things done.


Oftentimes it can feel like a struggle to accomplish something, particularly if we are new at it. You may have just started your own business, you may be adding a new elements to your business, this means you are learning and adapting to new things and so your ability or skill might not be at a high level. 


We can sometimes feel intimidated working on new things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tackle them and continue to better ourselves. We have to remember that we cannot know how to do everything at a high skill level from the start. If everyone was able to be great at everything, well, life would be boring, would it not?


When faced with new challenges or even old ones it can be hard to focus without feeling overwhelmed. But you are not alone in this feeling. In fact it’s something the community at Impact Driven Entrepreneur is well aware of. That is why finding a state of flow even in things you may not love is possible if you put in the work.




Visualization is always the key and why a flow coaching model is your greatest resource


You can love what you do but not love every facet of your work. You are human and not everything is going to excite you. You may love and have passion for your business as a whole, but recording research statistics might feel like nails on a chalkboard. This process of documenting statistics might also take you far longer to get through than creating content for your clients. There is no flow to this process and thus can feel like an uphill battle. 


Your lack of interest in something will also affect your skill towards it. But the more you work and get past your own negative feelings towards things that you need to do to keep the business going, the more you challenge yourself to practice and get better at it, the easier it can become to find your flow. 


Increasing your skill does not just mean googling instructions and taking a course. We learn most by doing, by physically working through what needs to be done not just thinking about it. As you may know, it is often through our mistakes that we can learn and grow the most. 


Don’t let outside thoughts hinder achieving flow state


It’s important to always understand your goals. Not everything has to be looked at as a task to be completed. As entrepreneurs, we are creating a business that speaks to our hearts. So even if a task feels more mundane than others, it still needs to get done, but it doesn’t have to feel like a punishment.

Finding flow sometimes means, moving past the fear of not knowing what you are doing, of being unsure of yourself.


When you are in a state of flow, you are confident in your abilities and your work becomes much more streamlined. This requires mindset mastery to be able to transcend the old patterns of thoughts that keep you from getting into flow.


We can be easily distracted by outside noises, technology, and life in general. When your  thoughts are  your greatest hindrance in your ability to get things done, it means it's time to work on mindset mastery and brain management. Being able to work past such ways of thinking we can begin to find flow in our work. We can begin to truly focus and transform how we reach our goals.


If you can recall those moments of total focus, of making strides in work because you allowed yourself to not get distracted then you already have a taste of what finding your state of flow can feel like. And doesn’t the sense of accomplishment feel great?! Is it not time to have more flow and productivity in your business?


Don’t let the hours slip by and feel like you have accomplished little. If you are ready to get truly focused and find the flow you need in your business, then we are ready to help you get there.  Apply for a consultation here.