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Attracting The Perfect Customer: Unique Strategies to Start Working with Your Dream Clients

Nov 18, 2020

We don’t need to work with everyone. We shouldn’t be working with everyone.

What if I told you that you could work with only your dream clients? Clients that are ready and willing to work with you. Clients that aren’t going to complain about your pricing and are prepared to do the work. This is possible if you know how to attract them.

Today I wanted to answer a question from a client about how she can go about attracting the perfect customer for her and her business. 


Case Study - A Question From A Client

I know who my target audience is but I need suggestions on where to find them.  

I keep running into people who are still in the early stages of their business or they don’t value truly strong branding. They want to DIY their branding and website which is fine, but they aren’t my target audience. They haven't gotten to the phase where they understand and want to pay for my services.

I’m looking for my ideal client, someone who has been in business for two years or more. They’re committed to and know the value of having a strong brand, they want to take their business to the next level. They want to look professional and have their brand and website reflect this. They are ready to step up from their DIY branding status. 

Conscious women, spiritually minded, very passionate and motivated action takers.


Defining Your Ideal Client


Here is my thought process on these questions.

Where are your people?

This specific case study is a person 2+ years in business, they’re doing well. They want to up their branding, which means they have clients, and staff or a team they’re working with or managing.

For context and not to knock on any specific strategy but this person used Facebook groups. There’s been a lot of things that I can say about the Facebook groups strategy.

If you're a couple years in and you have clients, you're consistently generating income in your business then you're probably not spending a lot of time in Facebook groups. You're busy servicing your clients.

We stick to a strategy because that's the strategy we were told we needed to use. We’re not actually conscious about what the strategy is that will help and serve our ideal clients.

When we use the strategy blindly, that's where the problem comes in.

This is why I will never tell you to go do a specific thing and to just follow what I’m saying. I tell you why, what the benefits are, and everything like that. But you will have to be an empowered decision maker and empowered CEO that makes your own decisions based on solid concrete evidence and knowing why we’re doing things.

In this case study they are looking for their ideal clients. People 2+ years in business, a lot more advanced and they are pretty busy.

Get into that head space.

They’re probably managing a team, have clients, and are strapped on time.

Another option is that you can connect on those secondary or third level things. For example in our case study she mentioned that her ideal clients were spiritually minded, not necessarily in the spiritual industry but they’re conscious living people.

Start connecting with them there. That's one strategy.

Yeah they’re a business own and marketing their business but they also have this side thing that they’re seeking almost as an outlet.

What is a common thing you guys share that you can connect with them on a slightly different plane but still be their expert

Always go with the research. Don't just do everything someone is telling you.

If you don't know where your ideal client is then go and interview them. I know this is the most cliche thing I can tell you. But no one can tell you what they’re doing except for them.

If you have other common interests then go find them there.


Social Media Platforms For Attracting The Perfect Customer


For this particular case study, LinkedIn is a good option to consider.

On LinkedIn there are a lot of business owners who are looking to hire and recruit people for their team, like people who are go-getters.

There's amazing stats for the people on LinkedIn. The average income for users of linked in is over 6 figures.

So you know that they’re read and willing to invest.

They aren't going to DIY it because their time is best spent doing the thing that they do and not on branding.

I know I said that they probably aren't in Facebook groups, but they might have their own Facebook group.

Meet them in their own Facebook group.

I met mine in my Facebook group. She always showed up in my Facebook group, always taking action on the stuff i was talking about. She was there on my live shows, commenting on my post, and engaging with my content. 

What it comes down to making a genuine real connection and their content, showing interest in their stuff. She was showing interest in my stuff and I was showing interest in her stuff. She was genuinely interested and I was genuinely interested and that relationship blossomed.

It’s tough to create those genuine connections in groups. That’s why so many shy away from group programs. You’re still able to do that in group programs. My Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist helps you do that.


Don’t Know How To Attract Your Ideal Client? Ask!


Referral partnerships

This works well if you're in the line of work like branding, web design, Facebook ad specialist, VA, OBM, etc.

If you're in that type of service where you’re helping business owners then try to find connectors. People that are business coaches or people who are naturally connectors. Find connectors that are going to give you referrals, you can give referrals in exchange.

Connecting with people is a very valuable thing. People underestimate connections.

For me it's a natural thing. If someone says they need a podcast editor, I always refer them to my own podcast editor.

Eventually some day they might connect you back.

It's not a tic-for-tac type of thing. Don’t just send them a referral so that they will send you one. The universe will keep score.

It’s all about having genuine relationships, being around people who will connect with you. You never know if that connection is going to be a connection that could lead to a client.

You just don't know where they will go.

I think this a great strategy but a genuinely good thing to do.


Referrals from past clients and customers

Had one VA that I tried for a short period of time. It didn't work out at all. After our working relationship ended I would always see her trying to find clients. Always.

Here's probably why they aren't doing the job on the back end to service those clients and to keep those clients.

If you have a service like an VA or OBM if you just have 4 clients and retain them then your good to go. When you have a customer come in make sure your service is top notch.

No matter what industry you’re in, always think about how you can retain clients by giving them amazing service. If you did a good job and love the results that you’ve gotten then they probably know someone who they can refer to you.

Typically this conversation becomes like the last conversation that people have and that's not the best way to run a referral program. Because by then it's too late and you want to make sure that they’re set after the work with you is done.

Sometimes it takes time. We feel like it's not working because our expectations of it are that it's always immediate, it's always huge, and it's always going to be hugely profitable.

Really, it's about that every single day consistency of keeping at it. Consistency over time.

Service your clients, ask them midway through and near the end their program, package, etc. The first time plants the seed, the second time they've been thinking about it and they know someone.

Also gives yourself good odds by asking multiple times.

Know that you aren’t always top of mind for someone all the time. It’s very easy to think that they aren't referring someone to you and it's something wrong with what you're doing. 

When really everyone is just super busy. They're thinking about their next project or their stuff so if we mention it a couple times then it jogs their memory.


Importance of Knowing Your Customer And Having A List Of Them


Have a leads list and work from a leads list.

This is the meshing of marketing and sales. What I see too often is that people think they’ve posted and people need to automatically come to me.

This leaves a lot to chance.

We need to be strategic about who you want to work with. 

How can we make a list of those people and connect with them genuinely every week? Whether it's on their own post, LinkedIn, podcast, interview they did, etc. How can you make a real legitimate connection? It always goes back to connection, honesty, real relationships in business.

Being really intentional instead of hoping that a post and a social algorithm is going to show a post to a specific person that is the perfect fit for you.

Being able to attract your ideal clients makes running your program that much easier for you. You no longer have to work against people who aren’t aligned with you and your business.

Running a group program is another way to make things easier on you and your business. Imagine servicing all your clients in one hour instead of each of them taking one hour each by themselves. What could you do with all that extra time?

Launching a group program requires a few extra steps than your standard one one one program. I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist to help anyone launch their very own group program.


The Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist avoids all the mistakes and pitfalls that I made while launching my group program. Best of all its completely FREE to anyone who needs it.


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