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Battling a creative funk to create new content? Learn the beauty of content development workflow

Sep 15, 2017


Content is being created these days at an exponential rate. As a coach, it's important that you understand content development workflow and how it is a game changer that will transform your business. Creating content and keeping it fresh can seem like an uphill battle, especially if you are finding yourself in a creative funk or dealing with everyday #life. Content creation doesn’t have to be a struggle though, in fact it can be as fluid as a river, that’s the beauty of content development flow. So let’s say goodbye to the days of not knowing what to post and let the good times flow!


So what does content development workflow even mean?


Content development workflow is a process that you use in your business to create content once and use it in multiple ways on multiple platforms.


The way our workflow is set up is, I create, for example, a video and it is then repurposed into a blog post and other social media content or I create a blog post and it becomes a video that we use all over the internet for days, weeks and months to come. It’s a way of maximizing the hour you are using creating content and amplifying your work (the best part is that it can be built to run without you!).


We have a content development workflow template for you right here you can download it for free and enjoy the system that allows us to multiply our efforts quickly and easily.


Stop building from the ground up:

Keep social media consistency by not reinventing the wheel


Social media is all about consistency. Your business or brand depends upon social media and engagement to convert clients and it can feel overwhelming, especially when in a funk, to keep creating. But if you have been diligently producing content for some time now and are struggling to make new interesting angles of your work, repurposing is just as good as a brand new post. 


New viewers are constantly finding you, why do they need to scroll all the way down to learn about you? Or find what they are searching for deep in the archives? 


There is a way to balance making new content while knowing that you can use your old content to your benefit as well. Old posts, podcasts, etc. don’t have to collect dust on a shelf never to be used or seen again. Revive them, rework them, make them shiny and new again for your newer audience members.


Don’t be afraid to use what you have. It’s not all about reinventing the wheel. Use the wheel you have and spin it in your favor.


The real secret to content consistency?


An editorial calendar is your best friend. In this content system, I teach you how to create 6 months of content for your editorial calendar in just 30 minutes. You can properly space out new and old content to keep all sides of your audience engaged. Learn to use what you already have so that even when in a creative funk you are still producing. We watch reruns on TV don’t we? Content can also be re-runned to your advantage. 


Still unsure about how to make your old life coaching content new?


Don’t be afraid to join like minded communities like the Coaching for Impact Community on Facebook to learn more and engage with others in your field. There is plenty of content to be made and remade to aid your business. You can also check out the Impact Driven Entrepreneur podcast episode here that talks about what to do when you are in a content creation funk.


Stop wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel, take all your hard work and use it to your advantage. Create a strategic content system that leverages your time and gets you consistently visible in just 1 hour per week. 


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