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CEO planning day example for entrepreneurs (EP 154)

Jun 22, 2020

In this episode, Mariana gives you a CEO planning day example for Entrepreneurs and why this is critical for your business. Planning days should take place once per quarter so you can get a better idea on the alignment of your big-picture goals and whether or not you're on track to meet those goals.

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Key Takeaways from CEO Planning day example to Entrepreneurs:

  • [02:09] Save the date, how often you should be having a CEO Day and how to make sure it gets done!
  • [03:41] Fortune favors the prepared, make sure you do this before you start your CEO Day.
  • [07:58] The first thing to do on your CEO Day.
  • [10:18] Everything you need to assess the current status of your business.
  • [13:38] Year in review, how to properly review and set your goals for the year and quarter.
  • [17:03] Change is good, how to move closer to your goals and make everything easier for you.
  • [18:45] 1 Tip to help you actually implement changes and execute on them.
  • [20:42] How to turn your brain from your worst enemy into your best friend.

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