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Consistent Income Is Not About More Sales (EP #189)

Oct 19, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about creating consistent income in your business.  Common problems and pitfalls everyone runs into. And about how consistent income is not about more sales.


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Key takeaways for Consistent Income Is Not About More Sales:

[00:46] The very common problem that everyone faces and why they can’t create consistent income because of it

[02:25] How do you fill a bucket that has nothing but holes in it?

[04:40] Most burnt out coaches don’t have any of these set up and these are absolutely critical for consistent income

[07:14] Money management tips and what you want to do to make sure that your business continues to grow

[09:21] If your business was a table, what would you need to make sure that it stays clean?

[11:23] Impactful leaders have impactful business


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