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Content Repurposing Workflow Example for Coaches (EP #232: REBROADCAST)

Jun 21, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about a content repurposing workflow example for coaches that utilizes the content you already have to create multiple pieces of social media content to promote your online programs and services. 


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Key takeaways for Content Repurposing Workflow Example for Coaches:

[00:15] One of the key pillars to reducing your working hours as an online coach

[02:00] How to run your coaching business like a CEO

[02:15] How dialed in is your messaging?

[02:45] Understanding your ideal client’s headspace

[04:15] Do I really need a team for this content repurposing workflow?

[06:15] Leveraging SEO for social media


Are you ready to implement a content repurposing workflow that will help you to maximize your efforts from your existing content? And to have that content speak consistently to your ideal client time and time again?  Apply for a consultation here.


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