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Do I run a group program or a course? (Ep. 99)

May 02, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about what it's like to run a group program vs putting out a course.  Find out how she fell in love with group programs and why she now champions the model and teaches it within The Profitable Impact Formula

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Key takeaways for Do I run a group program or a course?:

[04:33] The absurd amount of people that never make it through an online course

[05:41] The real questions you need to be asking yourself when creating an online program or course

[09:43] The secret way you're going to be making more money with a group program vs an online course.

[11:57] The untold truth of the birth of the impact formula and how it went from its infancy to where it is today

[15:05] Providing lifetime access to your program is a mistake and this is why

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