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Do You Feel Like You Always Have to Work Harder than Those Around You?

Apr 21, 2021

I have always felt like I had to work 10x harder than everyone else around me. 

In nursing school I would clock 8 hours a day at the library studying where others in my class could study before the test and be fine. 

I was raised to have a strong work ethic and it worked.

I always worked hard to go after my goals. 

And I made many of my goals come to life this way. 

Losing weight. 

Climbing the corporate ladder. 

Building my coaching business.

Until a couple of years ago, my business was already making 6-figures and I realized I was creating the same thing I didn’t want from my corporate job. 

The long hours. 

The grind. 

And beating myself up for not being at the next level which naturally, after hitting 6-figures was... 7 figures. 


What I realized at that moment was that the lifestyle piece was why I built my business and I was unwilling to put that off until I reached the “next level”. 

It was a stand for myself as a Latina who was raised to always work hard. 

It was a stand for myself for allowing flow and TRUSTING that I still could get to my goals my own way. 

And it was a stand for myself to put my family first as I always “said” I cared about but wasn’t actually doing. 

The next year I worked on the lifestyle piece. 

I worked exclusively on building the 3 Day CEO schedule. 

I have never felt more aligned than I do now after living the 3 Day CEO Schedule for 2 years. 


And I want to empower YOU, the hard working, go getter that has been through the ringer for the last several years (or decades) to do the same. 

It is possible to make the same if not more money working 3 days a week. 

It is possible to put your family and your own self care first and not have to worry about money. 

It is possible to book 1-2 clients every single week in your coaching business without sacrificing your own business’ growth or sacrificing yourself.

This week I am doing a training to help you to build out your very own 3-day CEO Schedule. 

It’s time to stop grinding and get effective in your business. 

It’s time to stop telling yourself that when you get there (the moving goal post) you will give yourself the chance to take a break. 

There is now. 


You are worthy as you are today of receiving infinite abundance Impactful One. Join me inside the 3-Day CEO Day Schedule Training.


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