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EP 111: Run A Challenge That Converts: Followers To Clients

Aug 14, 2019

Today is my little daughter's fourth birthday and I wanted to celebrate with you guys because I remember the day she was born. If you don't know my story, I had my preemie daughter. She was born two pounds and 28 weeks old, on this very day, four years ago. 

At the time, I had a very part-time side hustle where I was coaching online. My big dream was to leave my 9-to-5 job. I was working in hospital administration.

That same week, I was asked to oversee three hospitals in my department which is basically case management. 

I remember, it was a couple of days later and I was in labor. It's fascinating to see now how far I've become. 

In this episode, I'll share with you a couple of gifts as well as do a quick storytime about how my business came to be and how I made it work.

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Main takeaways:

[02:03] The days leading up to my daughter's birth
[03:44] What made my business be at the place it is at right now...

[04:12] No matter how hard or what the struggle is that you're going through, just know that it will make you so much stronger and so much more resilient. The only thing it will require of you is to step up and show up no matter how hard that may be.

[05:22] Heartfelt story of the day my preemie daughter was born

[06:24] If you don't know how to make money online, how to get clients, how to make things work etc. The secret weapon in my back pocket has always been my challenge launches.

[08:16] It is important that when you are executing a launch, that it is a strategy that you can plow with, that you can meld with, that you can adjust to your business and that you get all the tools and resources you need to make it as effective, efficient and quick as possible to master.

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