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EP 112: How To Solve Any Problem In Your Business

Aug 21, 2019

I have some people come up to me and tell me that if only I have X amount of money, all my problems will go away. And I am telling you now - it won't.

I have consulted in multi-million dollar companies and they still have problems. The difference is, they are better at problem-solving and they don't make dramas out of it so they are able to move through things without them making it mean all sorts of crazy stuff.  

The reality is, as a business owner, you will always have problems and this is a good thing because this means that YOU ARE ALIVE

The problems you have now are probably different from the problems you will have in the future when you make more money.

The good thing is, at whatever stage you are at right now, when you learn to effectively problem-solve, you can learn how to utilize your brain which is the best tool in the whole wide world to solve your own problems.

In today's episode, let's talk about how to solve any problem in your business which may be a huge promise but I want you to utilize the thought processes and the way that I problem-solve through things to really help you to take a look at your business objectively.

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Main takeaways:

[04:15] You have to identify the root cause of the problem.
[04:27] If you have a problem with, let's say a challenge launch...
[05:07] We have to look at the data and numbers and we also have to look at what is going on with your feelings and address both in order to move forward with your business. 

[06:07] Our huge mission in the world is to help Entrepreneurs who want to help others with solving these two problems.

[06:16] We want you to help you have business systems and strategies that actually build sustainable businesses.

[06:25] We want you to function optimally and stop suffering needlessly by telling yourselves stories, shaming yourselves and all the things your brain likes to do because of old programming. 

[06:44] When you have any problem, you usually have some elements that are math problems and some elements that are drama problems. And when you are using the wrong strategy to solve problems, your problem will forever remain.

[07:00] Example scenario: You wanted to do a challenge launch. You did the challenge launch. You had 10 people register. You had zero sales.

[08:06] We don't know what we don't know. And instead of seeking help or seeking support from someone who understands this kind of stuff, our brain make-up stories.

[09:37] When we are making decisions based on anxiety, then we are only compounding the problem. 

[10:21] Example scenario: You are feeling a lack of self-esteem with the type of service you are providing or with being able to get your clients results. 

[12:06] The problem comes in a business when you are the solopreneur and you are so back and forth in trying to put the wrong solution on the problem. This just usually creates more problems.

[13:15] In order to solve any problem in our business, we have to understand two basic things: how businesses actually work and how our own brain works.

[14:45] In our program, The Profitable Impact Formula™we teach how to build a business based on a solid foundation and we use the analogy of a house. 

[15:24] If you do not have a sustainable foundation, and you find yourself replacing say 1 to 25K every month in your business, then we know we know you have a problem with how the system works together.

[16:06] Troubleshoot like an experimenter. The mindset that completely transformed my clients' businesses.

[20:36] Action gives clarity.

[22:10] There will always be problems. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with your business. It is a part of being in business. 

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