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Establishing Boundaries At Work So You Can Grow Your Coaching Business

Jun 16, 2022

If you currently have a 9 to 5 job, working maybe part-time or full-time, or perhaps you are caring for your family while running a business or have other demands that creep into the schedule that you set aside for your business and may be struggling to juggle both, here are some tips for how to set boundaries at work so you can make enough time for you to grow your coaching business.


What are boundaries and how do they help us? 


Boundaries are lines that we create based on what we allow ourselves or other people to do in order to mark the limit to an area of our lives.

There are many types of limits that can be crossed when it comes to working. For the purpose of this video, let’s talk about boundaries about time and productivity when working on your business.

Other-boundary violation happens when someone else crosses the boundaries that you set. For example, if you are working from 9 to 5 and your boss tells you to do something at 4:30 that will take hours to complete. In this example, the other person did not take you into consideration.

Self-boundary violation happens when in the same scenario, your boss, instead of ordering you to do something, asks you to do it which would leave you the decision to accept or decline the request. If you say yes to this request, then this is now a self boundary violation. In this example, it is you who did not take yourself into account.

When we work on boundaries it’s important to make sure we are addressing the right problem and set up the proper lines.


Let's consider where work boundaries can be set in order to make sure you are able to work on your business:


Time - Making sure that you are only working for the hours you are paid for. Although some types of work, like I have worked, would have you working salary, you can set your boundaries by making sure to use productivity and time management strategies to keep the hours at or below what is expected.

Mental boundaries - These are self boundaries that can spill over into the ability to focus on the business. Are you thinking about office politics or things in your job outside of work hours? Meditation can easily help you with maintaining your mental boundaries. Through the process of Mindset Mastery which we teach inside Impact-Driven® Coach School, you can work on mastering what your mind thinks about and keep better mental boundaries.

Self care and downtime boundaries - It is important that we also have enough time and intentionality with meeting our own needs for self care which comes in different forms for different people. Taking the time for self care will help us increase our productivity during the hours that we are working on our business or when we are spending time with family because we are at our highest capability to be present in the situation.

Physical boundaries - if you are working from home, having physical areas where you work on your business or work in your job can be helpful. Shut down routine to let your mind know the work for this job is done.


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