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Everything You Need To Know To Increase Sales By Understanding How to Increase Conversion Rate

Feb 22, 2021

You are creating content and getting visible but you are still struggling to find a way to make money?

This may come in various forms but it usually means that you don’t know how to increase conversion in sales because you are not asking for the sale. If you are asking yourself where to start, the first thing you should know is that making change is not enough.

The change has limited ability to help others if you don't sell anything. You can move people to a certain point for free, but only after they invest, they will get results.

Many of my own clients were following me for weeks, some of them for a year, and they were watching my free content and they didn't get those results until they purchased my program.

This means that the depth of impact that we can have comes from the sale. Because when your followers invest, they have skin in the game, they're going to do the things that are scary and necessary to actually increase results. 

The difference between you getting that result that you truly want is actually in the action you take. So how do you increase conversions in sales and turn those freebies to paid clients?

First thing is to ask for what you want and need in your business and in your life. And a lot of times, especially us women are afraid to ask for help in the things we need. I noticed a lot with my clients who are struggling to even ask me for help. 

And I know if they're struggling to ask for the sale, even on their free content, they won't ask me to look at anything. So the first step is to practice with somebody that is safe for you to ask. 

I am actually saying that you should ask for help and the things you need. So you definitely don't want to feel pushy. Think of it as an invitation to your house, meaning like your email list or Facebook group or something like that.

And then inviting them over for dinner, or in other words to a conversion event.

What strategies to increase profitability should you use?

So here's a few things that also help you to decrease that stress level when you're preparing for the sale.

You got to know what you are selling. And you have to know that you can provide the value and the results. That's where that consistency of the mindset work really comes in. Only through consistently working on confidence you can start to really grow.

Next thing you should do is look at who you are, asking for the sale or the next step. This could mean looking at your blog posts, at your Facebook posts, at videos.

Think about what you are doing to promote your business marketing wise and then how can you ask for that next step, and are you doing that regularly.  

So focus on getting sales calls and bring people onto your email list. But your main focus, especially in the beginning of your business, when you're not bringing in the revenue that you want, needs to be filling that one-on-one.

And when you're comfortable with that level of one-on-one that you sold or you can't take on more, you can focus on building your email list and getting people in through some other forms of revenue.

In my Thrive Business Model, I use a three-pronged approach to monetize content. And so I use a one-on-one type service while the number two is leveraged offers. That is something like a group coaching program or something where it's like one to a few, but it's still live.

I also do another program for generating income, which is completely passive. It allows me to make a course once and sell it multiple times. And so with the thriving business bottle that I teach and that I implement in my business you're going to be doing all of them.

But you cannot do all of them at once, especially if you're starting and if you don't have a team. To get the initial income revenue coming in, focus on one-on-one.

Also, it is really important to build your business so that you have backups. And, I call it an insurance policy type of thing. When you're having multiple streams of income, you can really just rest more assured and not feel as much pressure in your business.

But we can only build one at a time. Because to go from zero to three income streams is going to be really overwhelming. And it's probably going to be a diffuse effort that just doesn't work well. 

So sell out one-on-one first, for example, take a part of the income and reinvest it into a bigger launch for a group or maybe a bigger launch for a course. 

And yes, you should do phone calls and sales pages. Because, even if  you have the top copywriters in the industry working on your sales page, you can expect no greater than 9 to 10% conversion on a sales page. But if you get people on the phone even if you suck at sales, you can still convert about 30%, which is conversion of cold calls. 


Abundance mindset exercises that will work for you


So let’s talk about your offer. Do you have an idea that clearly identifies who it's for, what it does for them, the benefits, why they care about those benefits?

A bigger mind and great ideas all come together in a unified force, greater than each of the individual parts. And so that's the beauty of having a support team around you. You can not just go at it on a whim.

You cannot just go at it for something because it seems like a great idea and just jump in, put all money and resources and effort into something. Every time I've done this, it has flopped flop.  

And the only reason for that is because I always get back up. I got back out there and kept going. And I always asked for help and looked at what I can do to make this better. And so even as you're getting out there and putting your offers out there and offering your services, you want to ask, how can you tweak that.

Everybody has failures. Everybody has things that go wrong. That is the process of learning. And that is a process of improving, right? You have to have some failure in contrast in order to move forward.

So we can shorten that learning curve by getting support feedback from other people in our mastermind.  

And I know I'm getting a little diverted, but I think it's important when we're talking about offers and getting out there. It's not about not getting out there and it's not about getting it perfect every single time. It's about keeping back up and doing it again and repeating the process.

Get out there, put out an offer, tell us what you are selling. And, just let us know who it's for, what are the benefits and why would your customer care? What will be the difference after they get the product or the service? 

Level of price that you can charge so you can increase your prices should be based on that transformation. Conversions are all about getting out there and being seen by your people, making an offer. And then they are buying from you. So that is not that complicated.

This is something we teach in our mastermind program. 

All of the self doubt stuff starts coming in and you are asking yourselves if you are advanced enough. And I felt the same way when I joined my mastermind. I thought that this was not for me because some people were a little more behind.

But we're not going to put together somebody who's like a seven figure business and somebody who never made a single sale. And that is what we are doing. Our job of putting together the mastermind is making sure everybody's a good fit for each other.

I think that knowing that you're not alone is really a huge game changer in your business. And the other thing is each of you have your own strengths and your own areas of expertise in your business. And so you can really help each other in a way that is congruent.

In other words, if you are wondering how to increase conversions in sales, the first thing that you should do is to ask for a sale from your clients. You should be clear about what you are offering and to who. 

Focus on building your business model so you can have a one to one sales, group programs and passive sources of income. Lastly, work on your mindset so you can make an offer to your clients. Good strategies to increase profitability always start with mindset work and confidence.


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