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From Overwhelmed to Capable with Allison Fab (IDE EP. 135)

Apr 27, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Allison about how she went from overwhelmed to capable and confident in her coaching business. Through working with Mariana, Allison has increased her overall business income by over 50%. She has gained clarity and simplified her business so that it is serving her without stress by bringing in a consistent flow of income from clients.

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How Allison went from Overwhelmed and Struggling to Confident and Capable:

  • Before working with Mariana, Allison was burning herself out
  • She needed help but the fear of hiring someone was overwhelming to her
  • Mariana made coaching seem simple and doable
  • Having been in other coaching programs and groups, Allison was delighted with the generosity that Mariana provides.
  • The way that Mariana has shown up for her clients, is a really good example of how Allison can show up for her clients.
  • Bringing the business building and the mindset is what sets Mariana apart.
  • Mariana also brings the science and logic to help make it all stick.
  • Since working with Mariana, Allison has increased her overall income by 64% and that includes clients who have paid in full.
  • Beyond the numbers, Allison has gained clarity and a peace of mind around her business.

Connect with Allison Fab:

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