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Going Above and Beyond with Effective Coaching Techniques

Sep 21, 2018

Coaching is not an easy job

However there are somethings that you can do to make it not only easier for yourself but make it so that your clients have a the best possible results

Effective coaching techniques are important but there’s so much more to it than that in order to see long lasting success.

Get Clear On Your Coaching Strategy

Before anything else there is one thing you need to have in place in order to succeed

  1. Have Clarity About What Transformation Your Program Offers

Once upon a time before the current reincarnation of the business. I didn’t put much emphasis on the sales side. I just wanted to do the service. 

Since rebranding to the Impact Driven Entrepreneur, I have come to the realization that we need to sell and market in order to help more people. Once you make this mindset shift you’ll feel good about promoting your program.

Be clear about the transformation your program provides but even more so be confident in that transformation yourself. It’s through marketing and sales we can get the program to the people who need it and change their lives forever

This shouldn’t be something we push on someone, nor something you’re trying to convince someone to join. This is something we do from the heart because we know it will make a big difference in their lives. Once you get behind it and are sold on your own program, coaching, service, whatever it is you're selling then go out there and share it with the world and lose sleazy side of it.

The Key Elements of a Coaching Plan

Once we get that clarity we can now start thinking about what goes into a successful program.

  1. Have a thought leadership methodology

Your own unique methodology that gets people results at scale. This is absolutely critical for group programs. Not only does it help you stand out and stops people from comparing you to the “competition” but you also get people results at scale.

Once you're able to get your results just imagine how that’s going to help your own confidence.

Having your one thought leadership methodology really helps you stand out and serve people in a unique way that only you can do.

  1. Engagement and accountability for your clients


97% of people are dropping out of online courses. Therefore not fully getting the result they could get. Doing it in a group program can hold them accountable, make sure they show up, and keep them engaged.  The program can be tailored, Similar to one on one. A group program is able to get clients exponentially better results

The Elements Of Leadership in a Successful Program

These elements should be considered the cherry on top of everything else in your program.  These are going to take you above and beyond what a typical coach would do.

  1. Hone Your Coaching Skills

Group coaching is actually very similar to one on one. You’re getting results as a group and one-on-one transformation happens.

There is an element where they come online with you and other members to get coaching. This allows one person to be coached and everyone else can watch. All too often other members can resonate and see that they’re in the exact same place as everyone else so they don't feel so alone. This also allows them to see from an outsider's perspective and creates change in a different way for them.

Let me say that it’s not mandatory to have coaching training. Legally you don’t need it. For some people this may be difficult and uncomfortable. This is mostly for your own confidence and willingness in a more public setting. 

I do, however, highly recommend getting some sort of training. Certain skills can be learned, like different methodologies and applications that you can utilize in your own coaching program.

More for your confidence than anything else. I feel like it is our duty as coaches to be as skill as possible. Because we want to help with their transformation. Doing this is in the most service to our clients.  I’m always learning and expanding my knowledge so i can be a better coach.

Everyone has the right to make their own decision on this matter.  But you don’t need to have the formal training to ask yourself: “How can i be a better coach?”

  1. Set up your clients for long term success

Where in the customer journey is the group program going to fit? Before one on one coaching with you or after? How are you going to make sure they feel supported after the program is over?

Let me tell you about my weight loss journey. I lost 80lbs at the beginning and hired a coach to help me during the last 40lbs. It turns out that it’s much more difficult to lose the last 40 than the first 40. I was not on a maintenance program or anything like that and as a result I ended up gaining some of the weight back. 

This made me realize that reaching the goal is not the end.  It's only a piece of a much larger puzzle.

We do this in our business all the time.  We worry about getting the clients initially, service them and send them out the door into the great big world. 

A continuation program or something long term is huge. Something that will hold people accountable. This is very underdone in industry and has a lot of potential. A membership site or secondary group to help keep track and accountable once transformation has occurred.

Ready to make the leap and launch your own group program?

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