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EP 113: Growing Pains & What It Really Takes To Grow Your Business

Aug 28, 2019
Growth is not a walk in the park.

In order for you to grow, you must shed the old version of yourself and embrace a new one - a more evolved version. A version of yourself that you've never been before.

And that requires growing pains which are uncomfortable to have.

Therefore, growth is uncomfortable.

In this episode, let's dive deeper about what growing pains are and how you can think about them in an empowering way that helps you move forward in the way that you want to, rather than hold you back from getting to the next level. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • [02:14] Be willing to really look at the differences between something feeling good, resistance and growth.
  • [02:27] Growth is asking you to evolve to the next version of yourself. It means reprogramming your brain and using new neural circuits that have not been there before.
  • [02:43] Being uncomfortable because of growth is very different compared to thinking, "It doesn't feel good and therefore I must stop."
  • [03:07] What it is going to take for you to get anything you want, is discomfort.
  • [03:55] We need to lift up the rug and look at what are the thoughts and the emotions that are driving you because those are what will determine your results.
  • [04:27] The reality is, growth is not a walk in the park.
  • [05:08] We are programmed biologically to have that be a threat.
  • [05:38] If you were thinking all the thoughts that you needed to think and were feeling all the feelings you needed to feel, in order to get the results you wanted now, you would already have it.
  • [06:00] If you do not have the result you want, then it means you are not 100% mind up yet in terms of what your beliefs are, what your stories are, what your skill set is and what your behavior is.
  • [06:53] Your thoughts, your actions, and your capabilities are always creating results for you but they may or may not be the results you want.
  • [07:27] Because we are challenging the status quo of what our brain has been used to thinking and doing for a long time, what is required of you is commitment.
  • [08:00] I teach this in detail in our Mindset Mastery program, but I want you to know that hoping your business grow, wishing that it grows, desiring that it grows, does not make your business grow.
  • [09:48] With commitment, we show up 110% no matter what. Interested shows up when it's not an inconvenience and when it's not uncomfortable.
  • [10:40] Commitment means you show up even when you don't feel like it. Even when it's uncomfortable. Even when you doubt your ability. Even when you do not have the result yet.
  • [11:06] What is killing results is the idea that everything must always feel good.
  • [11:40] We must be willing to look at the ugly thoughts - the thoughts that are not serving us.
  • [14:48] We must be willing to do this work - to show up for our own personal growth and development so that we can evolve the business and really serve at the highest level for ourselves, for our teams and for our clients.
  • [15:44] Commitment means facing the thoughts that have been holding you back with courage and curiosity.
  • [16:21] Be really open to learning rather than thinking you know all the answers.
  • [16:40] It's one thing to know something on an intellectual level and it's a whole other thing to embody it.
  • [19:15] Having affirmations is helpful when you understand what the initial thought is. Because if you don't, affirmations won't really do much.

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