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How a Repeatable Sales System Will Generate Multiple Passive Income Streams

Oct 07, 2020

Have you ever been there yourself trying to build up your passive income stream? Doing launches but getting no results whatsoever? Often thinking:” I don’t know why my launch was bad.”? Maybe it felt rough, didn’t it? Perhaps you also thought that investing into those launches without a proven ROI is scary. 

Imagine, if you kept trying to learn how to drive a car yourself, without someone correcting your mistakes. Burnt out coaches, at this point, will either start to give up or they’ll take an honest look at what can be fixed.

I fully believe in transparency in my coaching business. That’s why I’m just as open to discussing my failures as well as my success. And that includes some of the mistakes that I made on my path to launching a six-figure group program.


The Difference Between Launching and Announcing a Launch

Burnt out coaches make the mistake where they just make people aware of their launch on their platforms and expect them to come. Unless they want to launch to crickets all day long. 

You want to create a sales machine that can give consistent sales into your programs.

It took me about 5-6 launches, in order to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. It’s a learning process. And that doesn’t happen overnight.

But once it picked up, it really picked up the sales that we were going for.

It is okay, if you are not at the level as successful coaches are, since you are still learning how to do your launches. And part of  learning from mistakes is to not beat yourself up. 

However, if burnt out coaches  do it anyway, it won't help their clients that way at all. Those thoughts will be tied to the results and ultimately, they will stop showing up.

That’s why it is important to structure the process of your launches. That way you can improve on that after every launch via baby steps. And only after you master getting your launches right, you will have a good chance to get the recurring revenue you desire. If this is something that you’re wanting to do in your business, download a copy of our Ultimate Group Coaching Checklist.


Multiple Revenue Streams Are Created by People Who Buy your Product

Six months from now, would you rather have figured out how to sell your program consistently or still be trying to figure out how to do a proper launch? 

Another thing burnt out coaches miss out on is this: Making connections with those people in order to build successful launches is crucial. 

In your position you really like the idea of pushing buttons and make automation do the work for you, right?  But what do you think? Should the relationship with the clients come first or not?

Here’s what it looks like when we’re putting people first:

That means, having conversations and genuinely connecting with them and their problems and desires.

It might be hard for an introvert at first. That is important though, as it allows you to understand your clients better. Imagine, if you kept yourself stuck inside your world for ever. How will you ever know how to know what your client wants?

It is also okay to make mistakes here and learn from them but make sure you talk to more than one single human. You want to be able to sell to as many ideal clients as you can. So, it would be good to know what the majority has in common, wouldn’t it? This is something that we cover in our Ultimate Group Coaching Checklist.


Why Multiple Streams of Income are Important for Your Coaching Business

As online coaches and consultants, we know that just about anything is possible in business. We are all living proof of that because we’ve started and grown our businesses in a completely virtual way. And that still holds true with the current global pandemic. 

In fact? I would argue that the online coaching and consulting industry is booming and thriving.

All you need is an idea to generate multiple streams of income.

Here is a quick example on why that is: I have not only seen that in our own clients but my business as well. 

I launched my very first group program and I expected it to bring in huge amounts of clients and money. But that didn’t happen. But that was okay, since I worked with what I got from that. 

And I kept showing up for these people, so I could get more engagement in my program and also learn from their feedback. And my next launch went from $1,500 to a $24,000 launch and that started generating one of my passive income streams.

Of course, that didn’t happen overnight, but it shows that it is possible, even though you might not believe it.

Successful coaches believe in what they do, it takes away a great mental barrier. A barrier that keeps them from doing things or learning their mistakes. The belief is the foundation of your house and nothing will stand on it, if you don’t have that solid foundation.


In summary: 

  • Knowing the difference between announcing and launching itself. You want to have a consistent sales machine in place, when you launch.
  • The people buy your product, so there needs to be relationships with them.
  • Anything is possible. Your belief is the foundation for everything you do.


Now is the time to eliminate bad launches and learn the tools. The tools that will allow you to create your repeatable sales system. We cover this in our Ultimate Group Coaching Checklist. Download your copy today.


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