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How Are You Doing in Your Business Right Now? The Motivation for Business to Keep You Going No Matter What

Dec 23, 2020

One of my clients started having consistent money coming into business. She was getting the point where she feels comfortable with her bank account and being able to do things with her life.

There was temptation to stop doing marketing and sales marketing. Even though she was doing well, she was starting to lose the motivation for business.

Are you ready to get to that next level but you stalled out?

No motivation and don't know what to do next?

The solution to this is to expand to the next level. With expansion we can have this slightly uncomfortable feeling even though it is helpful to us and something we want to do.


What Happens When You Say “I Feel Stuck Financially”


When we’re about to move to the next level of our business we tend to have thoughts that are contradictory to where we’re going.

We might have misconceptions about what it means  if we have more money. What are we making that mean about ourselves? About the type of person we are, the business we’re running, or how we’re running our business?

Think about your brain process and what your thoughts are about that level you're reaching.

If that’s not congruent with where you want to go then there’s an ulterior motive. That competing agenda is what is causing that disconnect and causing us a lot of anxiety and stress.

Look at your thoughts and work on reprogramming your brain.

We’ve had this conditioning and programming about certain things we just think to be true. As long as we’ve been alive you’ve been programmed to have a certain income.

This happens subconsciously. Something that has been ingrained in us since we were children and we need to reprogram our brain to accept the next level for you.

Do this through changing your identity. 


  • How are you showing up in the world? 
  • How are you behaving in the world? 
  • What do you perceive in your life?


If your perception is rich people are bad or evil. Of course you're not an evil person. So you don't want to uphold that.

You're not going to become rich because you think that's going to mean that you're also evil.

I know this sounds crazy, but it's all kind of subconscious. 

I have little kids. I'm always thinking how we can make it so that they have choice and understand that these things are like options that they get to choose. It’s the truth for us as adults as well, we can choose differently.

We can choose a different path. 



How To Improve Finances And What Really Matters In The Big Picture


It doesn't matter what you're making, whether it be $500, $1000, $2000, or even $10, 000. When you’re moving onto the next level what matters is how you're feeling. If you’re feeling you want to back off and coast then be aware of that . 


  • Why do you want to back off and coast? 
  • If I set this goal, why am I stopping here?
  • What is it that is not in alignment with who I want to become that is causing me to want to back off?
  • Why is it helpful for me to stay where I am vs go for what I want?


The income you're making is always caused by a positive reward you're getting out of it. You’re usually getting some sort of positive reward for where you are right now. Examine that and choose the positive reward of where you will be next.

Expand your network.

If you're around a lot of people that are making the same amount of money as you then expand your network to be around people that are making the money you want to make. This way you can think like the people who already have what you want. This is huge.

Unless you change the way you think about things and the way you look at things then your not going  to make decisions as the person at the level you want to be

This can be short cut that by coaching, mentorship, being around others doing the same things.

That's why I love group coaching. When everyone in the group is working in similar goals it causes them to think in a different way

It causes everyone to be surrounded by others who are also playing the same game and are going at that at a bigger level. We're always going to be rubbing up against the same and similar things, like the things that I'm talking about, which is a lot of mindset. Strategy not so much.

There are very specific concrete strategies and concrete things. If you choose not to do them because you're uncomfortable and choose to back down because that next level feels scary, then it really doesn't matter what the strategy is.

If you're interested in starting your own group program but don't know where to start then look no further. I have created a FREE resource called the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework so that you can create and launch your group program. 


Get Past That Business Plateau And Reach Your Goals With Help From Others


Get support seeing your blind spots. Yes, this may seem simple but it’s true: we can’t see our own blind spots.

I thought I couldn't hire people and outsource until I hit a certain income, details of the role, etc.

I had always made these exceptions for myself.

What I realized is that they were going to be working on a role that I would be training them for, and that I would have KPIs for. I did create those and knew that I needed to hire in order to get to that next level of growth. I needed to let go of shit.

I couldn't be the one doing everything and also expect other people to do it at the same time. That was a huge blind spot of mine and it took coaching. It took people telling me you need to actually let them run with that. If you told them to do that, then you need to let them run with it.

I wasn't seeing that, and I was falling into this pattern. Just like you may or may not be seeing the patterns that you're falling into. You're only seeing the result. Your result is the income that you may be stuck at or the certain number of clients that you're at or whatever it is.

For me, that was having to delegate in this way that was not serving me anymore. What is that for you that's your next level? 

That is the next layer, but you can't see it from inside the box. When you are inside that box of your business, you cannot see it. You're either going to need to step out of the box or have somebody who's out of the box, give you support, feedback and reflect that to you. 

What is it that you are doing that is keeping you where you are?

In order for you to get to the next level it's going to be uncomfortable.

It's going to require you to step up to the next level of yourself and be someone different. Experience the world differently, look at yourself differently. All that can feel uncomfortable.

Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.

You don't lose weight by being comfortable all the time eating Twinkies. The same thing happens in your business, just in a completely different way. Being okay with being uncomfortable is really important.

Once you're comfortable being uncomfortable then you can really start to get the results you’ve been reaching for. If you're still working on being uncomfortable then try implementing a group program. It definitely is not the most comfortable thing to to be doing, especially in the beginning.

However the benefits that come with creating one is outstanding. Start leveraging your time so you can do more than just the coaching calls. Work on other aspects of your business, pick up a new hobby, or just spend that extra time with your family.


I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework to help you create and launch your own group program. This is all my experience from launching group programs condensed into an easy to use framework.


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