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How Can I Make 30k Fast? The Income Generating Activities You Need to Be Doing and The Mindset Needed to Make it Happen

Jul 16, 2019

We just created 84k in the last 4 weeks in our business and this will be a rundown of what we're doing to make that happen. That's where this idea came from.

Many think that this feat is impossible for them and I want you to know that it’s not. Mathematically it’s very doable for any that’s been in business.

I’m going to show you how to make 30k fast, in about 10 weeks with only 3 hours of time a week in your business.


Income Generating Ideas


Challenge launching is a strategy where you go from selling one on one to one to many. This is great if you have an audience or are trying to grow one.  If you're trying to get multiple people into your program at one time.

One of the biggest problems from people who do these launches is they don’t make money in between launches and that’s why i'm bringing you this strategy right now.

We need to use sales activities to compliment your launches.

This is something you can do for a group program, a mastermind, webinar or even a one on one program. Think about what you're doing every week and how you’re moving towards the sales goals that you have. 

Don't think it always has to be a huge launch production, only launch every 3 months and while in between those 3 months be in a place of scarcity.

This strategy is based on productivity. People are spending so much time on things that don't produce any results for their business.

Mundane tasks like:

  • Updating websites, about me pages
  • Funnel work behind the scenes
  • A million emails that aren’t converting

The work I'm asking you to do is going to be a bit more uncomfortable, but that's why it's so effective.

When you rub up against that resistance and you’re saying things like...

I don't want to do that. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid of doing that. What if I'm wrong?

This is what mindset mastery is about and this is what you need to work on. Rounding up these thoughts and being aware of what they are. Most of the time we aren't. What are your thoughts and resistances that are coming up for you?

Instead look at it like “I'm gonna make 30k if I invest these three hours”. Now we’re having a different conversation.

Let's look at this logically and do the math.

30k in 10 weeks with 3 hours of work a week. The breakdown is 15k sales booked per month

Depending on your schedule is you can use this strategy 

Let's say it's a 10k program. Even if your close rate on sales calls is only 30% (which is really low by the way). You only need to talk to 10 people on the phone.

10 sales calls over 10 weeks is very doable.

You need to talk to 10 people about getting on the phone with you. These are worst case scenario numbers so lets say only 1 person from those 10 will be able to get on the phone with you.

To get these 10 people you’re going to need to talk to 50 new prospects per week to get 10 leads. This is not that much and very doable.

50 conversations where 10 become leads. That’s 1 out of 5 people. One of those 10 per week out of 10 is going to come on the phone with you.

Some people are going to think none of this works but this is just numbers. The Same thing is happening on your marketing funnel. Only difference is you're not actively doing it, so you're leaving things up to an algorithm which is less predictable.

A launch will convert at 3-10% and it's the same numbers. If you're doing it in a sales conversation or an outbound marketing way, you have complete control. You take your power back and have unlimited potential.

In terms of the time investment...

50 outbound messages 1 hour

10 leads 1 hour

Having phone call 1 hour 

3 hours a week and if you can close 1 client at 10k a piece you can make 30k

The time investment isn’t impossible and very doable. 

Another way to leverage your time is to create a group format. Get all your clients served in less time so you can do more of what’s important to you. I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework, which is a FREE resource for anyone who's looking to start levering their time.


Examples of Income Generating Activities


There are two routes when it comes to turning someone who's on social media just browsing into a paying client.

One way is through marketing and attraction marketing. This is like a challenge launch.

The second way is through sales or outbound marketing. The good thing about outbound is that you have 100% control over the pulse of your sales when you take initiative and talk to people.

Your brain is going to say no I don't want to talk to people. I’m doing an online business because I don’t want to talk to people. This is the real work you need to do and  get over those thoughts that are not in alignment with your ultimate goal.

On top of that there is a difference between sales booked and dollars attained.

You can have a 10k program and some of those clients might opt for the payment plan.

This is a wonderful thing.

Everyone tells me they want to pay in full. I enjoy payment plans because it means I'm going to be paid a certain amount of money for X amount of months. I'm not going to neglect paying in full but I'm happy with taking payment plans.

This is marketer math.

30k in sales is not necessarily 30k in your bank and it’s certainly not in your pocket yet. But because you’ll still be of service and follow through its 30k over the next X amount of months.

If you only accept pay in full then you will and there's nothing wrong with that. It's completely your choice, there's no rules.

Again let me clarify that this means that you don't have 30k in your bank account.

Some people do this thing where they think their social media following is all leads. It’s not. One of the biggest mistakes is thinking your social media following is leads.

Your email list is lead but they aren't that warm and you'd need to look at the analytics to see exactly where someone is at.

With the sales side it benefits you to have a smaller pool that is all qualified.

You first need to have prospects then you must convert them to leads. From there you convert them from leads to coming on the phone with you. Then this is where you offer them your program.

People are trying to go from prospect to program and wondering why nothing is working. They haven’t gone through the sales cycle.

It's really important to know where they are in the cycle so you have the right conversation with them. Otherwise they're going to lose interest, unfollow or even go cold and stop responding altogether.

There’s an abundance of human beings on this earth. People keep thinking there aren’t enough clients. They tunnel in with so much scarcity that they don’t see there's billions on social media that they can talk to every day.

They're afraid of people being rejected by these people that they don't even know. They’re so afraid that most people will not have those 50 prospect conversations.

As the business owner you must be willing to take on that abundance mindset and just let the numbers be the numbers. That rejection has nothing to do with you.


Income Generating Activities and How They’ve Impacted Me and My Business


We were not doing a launch when we did the $84,000.

We were in between launches. That is why I'm sharing this with you, because this is what we do all year round. 

We also do launches, which we'll do $30,000 - $40,000 in one launch. It's great. We can't just wait for every three months for us to do a challenge launch to make that kind of money. We pad it. 

Prospecting for 50 people per week as a conservative number. So let's say you're doing that over four weeks, you're going to have a hundred people that you've talked to.

Let's say only one out of those 5 responded back and started talking with you. That means you have a lot of people who didn't respond. 

What are you doing then? Are you letting that mean something more than it actually is. 

Anything that ever happens to you or even anything that happens in the entire world only has meaning because you give it meaning.

Remember that you have 100% control over your own activities.

When you show up for yourself in this way, you’re taking your power back. With your business income instead waiting for things like the algorithms, ads, the budget makes the choice to take control back.

How much time does 50 outbound messages take to send? 1 hour.

I've done it and I've trained my team to do the same thing. They get 50 outbound messages per hour per platform per day That's what they do so you can too.

I want these messages to be more customized. Make sure each person is a potential lead and I want to go deep with them instead of being a surface conversation.

I tell my employees that it's okay if it takes you an hour, I want to make sure you're actually looking up the person and making sure they're fit. Have a real conversation and real connection with them, quality of connection over quantity.

You need to get a little bit uncomfortable doing this yourself or hire someone. There's a reason I have people help me with this. I have my team qualify them and once they make that connection then I’ll start to get into it and close the sale. 

I'd rather do 6 or 7 calls a week rather than do all of the outbound myself

We often over analyze and question things. We think it's going to take way more effort than it actually does

Don't overthink it. Don't tell yourself you don't know how to do it.

Start managing and working on your brain. This is the best investment of your time and energy.  Stop that part of you that is telling you all those negative things and doubting yourself about getting those 3 clients, or whatever that number is for you

Take back your power and put it in your own hands. The real problem is your thoughts.

The real work when you go to coaching is the mindset side where you train your brain to confidently decide with purpose what you want to think about it and have that be in alignment with what you want to create.

If you were to ask me 4 weeks ago if I would close 84k worth of sales I would have told you that I was busy with a launch so maybe after? But not before.

That was the mindset work I had to do.

Having the plan and executing on it. It's not a huge time commitment. What it does take is commitment though.

Consistency, follow through, discipline. That's what it takes. That's what I'm willing to do, because I know that my future self will thank me.

I am so grateful to myself for staying with it when I was in the midst of everything. When I started my business and my daughter was in the ICU, I’m so grateful to myself for sticking that out. It was so tough.

 You can be creating on purpose for your future self right now. That is true discipline. That's what discipline means. It’s essentially thinking of your future yourself and doing something, even if you don't feel like it.

I’m also very thankful to my past self for doing group coaching. Group programs have been huge for me. They allow me to leverage my time and allow me to spend more of it with my family. I teach my clients how to create their own group program and scale it to 6 figures.


If you’re interested in creating your own group program then I’ve also created a FREE resource that anyone can access. I call it the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework and it’s all my past experience from launching group programs condensed into a simple to use framework. Save yourself from the mistakes I made in the past.


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