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How Do I Choose A Goal For My Coaching Business? How To Reach Your Business Goals Every Time

Apr 07, 2022

One of my clients asked me how I choose my goals for my coaching business and in this week’s video, I want to share with you exactly how I structure my goals and what timeframe I set in order to achieve these goals.


How do you choose your goals for your business?

 At some point in your life, you might have already tried setting a goal. Maybe you didn’t exactly hit your goal and now you have a bit of a hesitation in setting another goal. Or it could be that you are overthinking things or are anxious that if you set a goal, then you’re not going to hit it. If you are in this situation, remember this: There is zero requirement for you to hit 100% of your goal. 


When I met the 90 X Planner creator, ALoN, one of the things I learned from him was that If you find yourself not hitting a hundred percent of your goal, simply make a bigger goal because what you're going to then do to try to get to that goal will get you to your actual goal.


Over the course of the last seven years, I have had periods when I was only able to hit 80% of the goal I set and beat myself about the whole thing. When I decided that I wasn’t going to get into these cycles anymore, my thoughts were that these goals are arbitrary and something that I made up. Therefore, I had the choice of how I want it to deal with either hitting or missing the goal. And I also had a choice of what goals I would set for myself and my business. 


I started creating my three goals: One, an easy goal that is something doable for myself. Two, I would set my medium goal, or something that would be a bit of a stretch for me to reach and something I would have to work diligently for to be able to reach. And three, I would also create my stretch goal, which is something that would be very big for me and would get me out of my comfort zone.


With these goals, I can work towards the biggest goal I have and would usually land somewhere in between the three goals. This strategy gives me affirmation that if I set a goal, I can hit my goal and also allows me to stretch myself and step out of my comfort zone. This also eliminates this negative self-talk that I was falling into after hitting or not hitting a goal, because now I have a range and a target and it feels a lot more doable for me.


What is the timeframe for your goals?

 I personally enjoy creating one-year goals as having the whole year allows me to have enough time to really see that goal all the way through. Whenever I feel unproductive with my year-long goals, I split them up into quarterly targets so I can allot a specific focus on each quarter of the year that moves myself towards the bigger one-year goal.


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