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How I Failed This Potential Client A Year Ago, Are You Making The Same Mistake?

Apr 12, 2021

Last year I spoke with a woman on the phone about working with us in one of our high-level masterminds. 

I am sharing this with you today because even though I have really good systems and a good mindset around sales, sometimes I make mistakes too.  

I was not using my system and being diligent about following up with this particular client. 

I let my own brain get in the way of helping her.

I made excuses for why I shouldn’t follow up with her. 

Things like “I don’t want to bother her.”

“She just booked out of nowhere so she probably needs more time to get to know my brand better.” 

And “I just don’t know if she is my ideal customer.”

I shudder when I think about the truth of these statements, given what I know now. 


I spoke with her just last week and immediately I realized that I had failed her. 

Since that time, she invested in multiple courses to try to learn all the things. 

She struggled with taking action and doing the work. 

And the courses she joined were so big she was just lost in the shuffle.

She ended up with more knowledge and knew what to do but couldn’t get herself to actually do it. 

Now she was in piles of debt and still not making progress on her business goals. 

I failed her because I was so worried about “Bothering her” that I didn’t show her how much I believed in her. 

I failed her because I was so worried that she didn’t know me well enough because she “came out of the blue” that I didn’t give her a chance to get to know what we actually do (like teach people how to transform their behavior, hold people accountable and review work so you don’t get lost in the shuffle).

I was so worried about the “perfect” ideal client that I didn’t help the one in front of me that needed it. 

So today my message for you is, no matter what your head chatter is around making that follow up email, message or phone call...do it for your people. 

They need you to show up for them. 

Imagine how many people are left struggling and in a worse position one year later because you didn’t complete the sales process with them?

Having systems that you use for selling effectively and using them are key. 

And yes, that means cleaning how we think to actually use these systems. 


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