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How Should CEOs Spend Their Time?

Aug 24, 2021

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about what the point of being productive is, is that the goal, and how CEOs should be spending their time when they run online businesses.

Productivity defined: Output per hours worked. What you actually accomplished in that time. 


Productivity vs. Effectiveness

The problem with productivity is that it is often done just to get more done instead of focusing on getting that desired outcome. For most impact driven entrepreneurs, generally the desired outcome is an increase in take home pay for the business owner while doing work that matters to them and helps others.

Have you ever been ultra busy, maybe checked off a lot of boxes, but felt like either no progress was made forward OR that you still have a million more things to do? 

That is due to lack of effectiveness. Effectiveness is far more important the productivity. 

Effectiveness defined: How well you are able to produce the result you want.

So if you do a launch, are you getting the number of sales you want for the hours you put in or the money you invested? That is being effective. The goal is not to get the landing page done, it is to sell the program. Sure, the landing page might be one milestone but it is not the destination.

If we focus only on productivity we will be bogged down with all the check list items that need to be done throughout that launch instead of focused on the results the launch creates. When you focus on the actual objective, you can reduce any waste that is happening and refine so you can do less.

When I talk about doing less, this can make people somewhat uncomfortable because they immediately start to judge themselves for being "lazy". Notice if this is what your brain wants to tell you. If so, don't allow it in. Don't allow yourself to abuse yourself. You can master your brain and talk to yourself in a way that is loving and intentional. To start doing that let's focus on the benefit of being more productive.


Why are You Trying to be More Productive? 

There is an epidemic in our society with “being productive”. Many of us do it on autopilot and in a way that does not serve us. Many of us do it because we want to be or feel worthy. We want to accomplish to get recognition. We think that doing things makes us better humans. This is where we can get into workaholism and forgetting the point of life. 

The reality is, you are an amazing human now as you are today. With or without the energy/effort or outcome you produce today. (read that as often as needed, my friend <3)

Your value comes from being, not from doing.

I learned this powerful lesson when I worked in the ICU and got to see patients who were laying there intubated unable to even breathe on their own and families were so glad that their family member was still alive.

The fact that they were alive was enough.

And I would venture to say that the fact that you are alive is enough to make YOU worthy too.

Now that we have that out of the way...

What is the point of productivity for you? Is it more time with your family? Enjoying hobbies? Is it going back to school or spending time in your garden?

Take some time to journal on this and explore the following:

  • What are the outcomes you are seeking?
  • Why do these matter to you?

Are they working a certain number of days or hours a week and making a certain income? What would that really give you?


How Should CEOs Spend their Time? 

CEOs should spend their time doing the highest leverage activity. Most of this comes down to leading a team and making sure processes and systems are working effectively.

They make sure the right people are in place to do the work. And that they are capable, suited for, and trained well to do the work. CEOs are not managing the day-to-day, that is really the job of a project manager. Our goal is to monitor the KPIs (Key performance indicators) to make decisions about what is working and what is not and how to improve them. 

CEOs are also the face of the business. Which means that we are focused on high level visibility strategies like speaking, collaborations and partnerships. If your visibility strategy is just focused on social media only, you are missing an entire facet of visibility.

Lastly, it's important that you consider your own personal strengths and zone of genius to design your job around that.

If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your business so you can grow and scale exponentially, download the Scale Up Strategy Framework by clicking here: https://www.impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/scale-up-strategy


In summary, CEOs of online businesses should be spending their time creating high quality partnerships, visibility, and spending time in their zone of genius. They monitor KPIs and lead the team towards the vision. It's important that you keep your vision clear and top of mind as you decide what outcomes you will go after.



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