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How Soon Can I Expect My New Team Members to Perform?

Oct 21, 2021

Today, we're talking all about hiring an effective virtual team for your coaching company. This is the secret sauce of freeing yourself from a J-O-B in your business and really creating leverage and leaning on people, which is the number one way that companies grow. 

A lot of times, what I see is that coaches are really struggling to get their business off the ground, or to help more people, or to make a bigger impact. When you look at what's going on underneath the surface, you will see that it's the beliefs and ideas like, “if I want to get this right, I have to do it myself” or  “I tried hiring a VA and they couldn't follow directions or  it didn't work out” that is causing this struggle.

I want to share with you the idea that when we hire and when we lean on people is when we can have our freedom back. It's when we can grow and scale and have the ultimate business. This is really what building a company and business is all about. It's not about being the one man show that saves the day and is the hero of doing everything. 


If you're struggling to find the balance, to have the freedom you want, to not be burnt out, and spend time with your family, then I want to invite you to look at things in this new way and to really lean on the people that you can bring into your company that can help make a huge difference for you.


I hired a salesperson for my business last year who did all the selling. This was the biggest shift for me because it took all of the weight and the pressure off of me to always be selling and always be trying to hit those numbers when I had the help and the support.


Another thing I notice from people I am coaching is that a lot of times, business owners will be hiring people without even knowing how much their hires will be producing for the business and so they may not be bringing in ROI. If that's the case, that's actually not good for your business. You want each and every person that works for you to make you 4 to 10 times what you are paying them. Some of my team members have brought in 14 times what I've paid them in just a few months, and it's important that you structure things strategically.


When people are trying to grow the business, they tend to just focus on marketing and sales. and while that is an important aspect, what we cannot ignore is that without the infrastructure of people, being able to service those clients and continue to market at that rate is going to be very, very difficult. This is why hiring should be one of the core pillars of what you're focusing on with your business growth all the time. 

Hire for Personality and Cultural Fit Over Skills

This was a painful lesson for me. I once hired people for their skill set and I was paying them a lot of money only to let them go because they were not a cultural fit. How I operate in my business, I like to get shit done and always move forward. We're pretty fast paced workers. And so, if somebody is really lagging in the work that they're doing, even though they have all the technical skills, it's really not going to be a good cultural fit.


Another example I see too many times is that a lot of people are really into reading traction or getting a project manager and of those kinds of strategies. But then, the person that they try to hire is not a good match personality wise with the kind of work that they will do.


In my business, we use the Myers Briggs Personality Test to make sure that the person is going to excel in the role we're putting them in. This guides me in finding out, if this is the type of stuff their job is going to consist of, is their personality type going to be a match for that? Because if it's not, then they're going to end up in a job or in a role that's just not gonna be fulfilling to them.


I remember I've hired people who are F’s on the Myers Briggs personality type, which is really someone who's really loving and heart centered and that kind of thing.  And if I was to put them behind the screen of a Facebook ad campaign where it's spitting out 20 million numbers and their job is to look at a spreadsheet and look at the numbers and the patterns and decide on the strategy for that, they might end up hating their job.


Now, it's not always perfect and I like to take the person as a whole over just the score that they get on that test because the test is imperfect, just like any other tests. But what we can do is use these results as a guide to ask the right questions in the interview process and really get talking with them about what their experience has been or what their preferences were with their previous work experiences.


Another thing I mainly look at when hiring is the cultural fit. I spent probably two months last year really honing in on our company values and really making sure that those were all 100% congruent for me. I use these values as a filter for everyone that is coming through the hiring pipeline as well as with my clients. Since you will be working alongside your team for a very long time, you will want to make sure that the way that they think and what they value is in alignment with what you value.


Map Out your New Hire’s Income-Producing Activities Before they Come Onboard

One of the mistakes I see people make when hiring is that, they will post the job, start recruiting for the job, and then they'll decide on all the things that person will do the first week they start. That’s backwards. Start with identifying what the highest income producing activity is for this role and make sure that they're learning and executing on that first so that they can start creating an ROI for your company from day one before you start to move them towards the rest of their responsibilities. 

Have a Proper Onboarding and Training Process

  It's one thing to bring someone on. It's another thing to have someone fully oriented to what you do to your company and to their role.

How we do it in our company, they start with general orientation before they move through more specific training. Then we do some hip to hip coaching where we're working together and they're watching me do it via screencasting that I've already done or they're watching whoever was in that role before who may have had some process videos and some screencasting captured before. Ultimately, they will be expected to perform and to deliver on the result and then I will be double checking  every detail of that result. 


The onboarding process will not be just a passive thing where there’ll be no validation at the end of the process.  This is not fair to the employees but most of all, it's not fair for you as the business owner because what ends up happening is if they don't have the proper orientation, they will be executing on the things that may be getting done incorrectly. What happens then? Then you'll have  to pick up and scramble up all the pieces and eventually all those tasks will get back onto your own plate. I see this happen a lot of times online like a vicious cycle and it's not something productive nor helpful for us.


Systems and infrastructure is what's going to allow you to fully delegate and be hands off.

Overall, I believe all people are good people and they're here to do the best job that they can and we as business owners and CEO must equip them with all of the tools they need to get the job done. 


And no matter where you are reading this from, remember that:


You are capable.


You are strong.


You are here to make a difference.


Go on your way today to do that <3


Lots of love,





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