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How These Solid Business Principles in Entrepreneurship will Help You Scale Your Business

Jan 11, 2021

If you are reading this, you are probably a hard working person. You may have left your 9-5 job. Or you have sold some or lots of one-on-one sessions already.

You are not a rookie to the online business side of things. So imagine if you only thought efficiency was the only business principle in entrepreneurship.

Think about how the world would have looked like if you tried to make your sales calls as quick as possible. This and other things, so you can have as many leads as possible going through them.

You might be thinking: " How is this going to work out? How do I know if I can get close leads in the first place?" And you are right.

That's why you want to ask yourself if you are still effective or not nowadays.

Burnt out coaches get into a position where the sales are coming in for their coaching sessions. But then they settle there. They try to make their calls and content creation systems as efficiently as possible.

It could cost them thousands of dollars if they don't do anything new. Because a new program that people really want won't be there or created by other coaches.

Do you want your firefighter to put out the fire inside your house or do you want to see them managing their water use because of environmental concerns?

That's why I would like to show you today what it means to be effective when scaling up your business. What you want to do. 

What pitfalls there are to avoid. All that, so you can build a consistent income from a leveraged offer.


What Makes a Business Successful


You might be thinking: " I am very committed, or else I wouldn't have gotten this far." That all really is amazing, but...

... have you ever wondered what else your commitment could mean, that can help improve your business? Are you still truly applying it? 

Burnt out coaches make the mistake that they build up their business, their one-on-ones, their content marketing, etc. only to end up in a sort of limbo state. 

A state where they are getting enough clients to keep them busy. But it's not really making more money to scale up their business.

Now, these coaches can end up being so busy, that they can't really go to the zoo with their children on the weekend anymore. And they can't really know when the free time will be in their lives.

Imagine your business six months from now. Will you be able to sustain this kind of effort, even after that? 

Is it more important to stay where you are? Or scale up your business so you can get more money, have the same coaching results and have more time freedom?

Thriving coaches know that they only have 24 hours in a day. They look at this in terms of opportunity costs. 

That means they compare what could be more worth for the same time spent: More one-on-ones or less of them and more group coaching programs.

It was probably good at the beginning to bring in the money to make their business work in the first place. But now times have changed. That's why they re-evaluate and adapt to their current situation.

In this case, they could be saying: " Okay. This is becoming too much work for me. After comparing my options, I will commit to creating group programs for the next time around."

Committing means that you’re intentionally stopping settling for what you have. It also means going for what you set out to do. Then you want to go out and test out your group programs and learn from your mistakes. 

It can range from: "Was I speaking to the right person?" to "Was it because of the program itself?" So you know what not to do in the end and not fall back onto your one-on-ones.

Successful coaches know that they build their group programs on solid business principles. 

They don't go out with the intention: "I will learn how to become a Facebook or Instagram master." They rather say: "I will learn and keep learning about how the online space works." 

That way, when e.g. Facebook changes something with their algorithms, it won't affect them that much. This is how they build a sustainable business with consistent revenue.

Remember, we want to be effective first before we are efficient. We want to know if our programs can sell in the first place or not.

If you want to find more about these things, book a discovery call and we will help you see out what you need.


How Specificity, Re-/launching Make up Your Effectiveness in Business


"That's all cool and good," you may be thinking. "I'll learn, I'll adapt, I'll be intentional. I'm ready to go!"

But is that everything you need to do to make it work? You have gained all this experience and knowledge now with the proper mindset. 

But do you agree that people should know who this program is for? You certainly know it at this point. But will they?

Burnt out coaches think that with things they learned from their committed testing phase, create their programs and just then open the doors for clients to come in and expect consistent revenue.

But who exactly should come in? "My ideal client of course!" And who is that in DETAIL?

Imagine if school teachers for 4th graders ended up in an advanced seminar, only to learn something about teaching 1st graders. Do you see the difference it can make?

Impactful coaches say who their specific target audience is inside the details before they pull the trigger. They know they can't offer everything from their expertise inside one package. But they only want to target the ones that need it as well as possible. 

Or else they will get meager sales. And to make up for that, they would need to pump out more programs. But they know that ending up in a feast and famine cycle is not the right answer.


After all this work, these coaches go in and launch their programs with their conversion events. It can be challenges, webinars or one-day sales.

Then, they will relaunch their programs and always tweak one or two things that could perform better at a time.

After some time, ONLY then, thriving coaches can expect their programs to be automated. Only then it can give them the effortless sales that trade less dollars for hours. 

It's doable this way, but it won't happen overnight. We can help you out with what you need inside our free discovery call.


In Summary:

  •  Be committed to the new thing you want to implement in your business. Test it out enough times and learn from the mistakes you make. Do that until you have something that can be put on the market.
  • Package your program up in a way that specifically talks to the client that should get this program.
  • Launch your program and relaunch it. Tweak a couple of things at a time. Polish it as long as you need until it can consistently create money for you on autopilot.


There is much to learn, but do you have the courage to commit to building a launchable group program? Other coaches before you have been in the same place. But they, step by step, created a scalable and repeatable sales system to get to their three day workweek. In our FREE discovery call we will figure out where your needs are so we can get you to that next step.


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