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How this coach embraced mindset for her life and business with Vanderly Arnold( EP 177)

Sep 14, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Vanderly Arnold about her experience in going through our Message Clarity Program and how it has revolutionized her business and positively impacted her personally.

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Key takeaways for How this Coach Embraced Mindset for Her Life and Business with Vanderly Arnold:

[01:34] How the program made her understand what it means to be an entrepreneur or a CEO.

[03:53] How she figured out who her niche is.

[05:55] How the program provided her with not only the motivation and inspiration but also tools and systems for implementing what she learned.

[11:23] How the program made her think bigger and made her see the importance of high ticket offers.

[12:32] The surprising level of personal relationship and the library of resources she got in the program. 

[14:55] How she was able to get 4 ideal clients by implementing what she learned in the program. 

[17:25] How going through the program helped her have more energy for kids as a single mom.

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