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How this Coach Embraced Sales and Skyrocketed her Business with Elke Feuer (EP 183)

Oct 02, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Elke Feuer about her experience with our Impact Formula Program and how she moved from not wanting to sell to loving being on sales calls.


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Key takeaways for How this coach embraced sales and skyrocketed her business with Elke Feuer:

[02:00] How she had the light bulb moment  as she immediately  discovered what she had  been doing wrong in her business as soon as she joined the program.

[04:00] How she overcame her fear around launching and was able to develop the processes and procedures for doing it effectively.

[05:00] How our Mindset Mastery program helped her move from not liking sales to always wanting to be on sales call.

[09:00] How that the level of genuine care and support she got from us in our program is second to none.

[12:00] How she has been able to put processes and systems in place that has enabled her to hire people in her company.

[15:00] How joining our program empowered her to make progress on her business instead of spinning wheels and going around in circles which was her experience before she started working with us.

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