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How This Coach Embraced the Community to Grow Her Business with Carol Ben-Davies (EP. 181)

Sep 28, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Carol Ben-Davies about her experience and the transformation she got while working with us at  Impact-driven Entrepreneur.


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Key takeaways for this episode:

[03:00] How the support she got from other members in the group helped her  learning and growth.

[04:16] How our message clarity program made a huge difference and empowered her to take the next step in her coaching business.

[05:00] How you can literally find whatever help you need to make multiple six figures in your business in our program.

[07:01] How she was amazed by the way she was welcomed when she joined our community.

[08:00] How seeing the impact other coaches in the community were making really motivated her.

[09:06] How our community gave her the privilege of enjoying the benefits of being with like minded individuals.

[14:10] How the authenticity in our program made it stand out from every other program out there. 

[17:11] How our program helped her develop confidence and clarity to run her coaching business.


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