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How this Coach Made the Mindset Shift to Step into the Role of a Thriving Impactful CEO with Cassie Conroy (EP 185)

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Cassie Conroy about her experience in our Message Clarity program and how she was able to make a shift in her mindset and step into the role of a CEO. 


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Key takeaways for Case Study with Cassie Conroy:

[06:00] How the personalization she received in our program made all the difference for her. 

[10:00] How she successfully stepped into the CEO role and was able to hire a staff.

[13:00] How the shift in her belief as a result of our Mindset Mastery Program helped her exceed her financial goal for the year.

[17:00] How our Message Clarity Program helped her develop a sense of focus in her business.

[19:00] How she learned to turn down clients who aren't a good fit for her to work with.


Connect with Cassie Conroy:


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