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How To Achieve Sales Consistency

Jan 01, 2018

I often talk about consistent recurring revenue.

This is crucial for you and your business in the long term. Being stuck in the feast and famine cycle is not a feasible nor a sustainable way to run your business. The highs are great but you already know about the inevitable lows that follow after.

Consistency offers you more stability and the peace of mind of knowing where your money is coming from and not having to worry about if you’ll have enough to survive.

So, it’s important that you’re able to find some sales consistency in your business.


What are Some Ideas for Sales Growth?

Use social media for lead generation.

 Clients are struggling to make sales in their business but spending lots of time on Facebook,  Instagram or whatever platform they’re on. They’re not spending their time wisely.

 I say this with love as I’ve been there, sucked into the social media world and not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Social media is supposed to be social. Think about how you move someone through the sales cycle.

 Attract, connect, convert. 

 The Connect is where we use social media to make real genuine connections with genuine people. When you use social media to make a genuine connection, make sure that you keep that as the objective of it. When you focus on that it can be more service based.

 You want to help people, you want to serve people, and you want to do it from a place of integrity and love.  This is how we do it.

 Instead of using the term lead “generation”, think about it as creating a connection. This makes it so much more easier, and so much more heartfelt when you keep this in mind. We all know how to make connections, and as humans we crave connections.

 Sometimes with tech and social media we can seem connected on the surface but not actually be connected at all. So ask yourself “How can you challenge yourself to make genuine real connections with people on social media?”


Know How To Target Existing Customers

When we are working on social media keep a list of them. 

 Consider this your Dream clients list.  People that you would absolutely love to work with.

 Keep track of people. I like to think about how to make it super fun, friendly and light for me.

 We want to know what's going on with people's lives. However we don’t have brain space for that, it's just too much.  On top of that we want all connections to be deep and heartfelt.

 There are a few ways to keep track of people that you meet.  You can use a spreadsheet, asana, trello, or anything along those lines. Use a whiteboard if you need to! As long as you’re keeping track of them. 

 Keep them at the top of your mind. Be aware of what's going on with them. And you don’t need a huge list - going deep means that you don’t need to go as wide.

 Don’t forget about them. Take the time to follow up

 Often times we get tied in to servicing our current clients and going to help them that we forget to follow up with the list of potential clients.

 I went from having 3 or 4 clients to having 11.  A big jump for me and I had no systems, no child care, nothing. I forgot to follow up with the people I wanted to serve and this causes lull in sales. 

 Ask yourself “How can I continue to stay in the sales process while I'm serving?”

 You don’t want to be going back and forth between servicing and selling.  This is what’s going to cause those infamous feast and famine cycles.

The Secrets To A More Consistent Sales Performance

Get on the phone with people!

 Let me tell you, I used to do everything in my power to avoid phone calls.  I did not want to do them. I was putting together complicated marketing campaigns and email campaigns.

 Then I realized that if I did phone calls at the same time I would have made so much more money with so much less effort.

 You want to integrate the sales and marketing process to continue to grow and create consistent sales. Getting people on the phone is critical to this. 

 The Close rate is a much higher percentage rate then if you’re just doing marketing. Cold calling has a 30% close rate. However If you're good at sales, not cold calling people and calling people who are actually interested in your service then the close rate can go up to 80% - 90%. This is much higher than any webinar, challenge, or sales page

Use a big picture strategy and think about where you are right now. Where are you in business and what makes sense for where you are

For sales page under 10% is good conversation rate. Knowing that sales pages have a less than 10% conversion rate, do you have the traffic and the volume to be able to reach your income goals? Compared to getting people on the phone and converting that way.

If you’re not at that point yet then that's fine! Getting people on the phone is a great strategy to increase conversion rate and therefore close more sales.

My final tip is...

Use the momentum you're generating to keep going!

There comes a point when we get enough sales to not be struggling and then we stop selling. We focus on something else, or we think we don't have momentum when in reality after looking at the stats, tracking and looking at numbers we can see the momentum building up.

I had one client have his problem. She had some opt ins converting for the first time. She had motion, but it wasn't a sale.  

This is momentum, don't get discouraged. Look at what is working

For example if you had zero post likes last week but two this week then that is momentum and progress! You don't get 20, 30, 40, 50, likes from zero. You slowly build that up.

Look at staying consistent and persistent.  These two things will help you keep going.

It's so much easier to keep moving forward if you’re already doing that rather than starting at zero every time. Look at what is working for you. This can be email subscriptions, likes on a post, even if it’s not monetary you're building towards the thing you're working towards.

  • How can you continue to move people down that sales process?
  • How can you connect more?
  • How can you provide more value?

This is what’s going to keep you going when the going gets tough.

It is the sale that is going to give them that transformation, if they invest in the program with you that is where you can serve them the best. They can go deep with you, they can meet them as often as you normally meet in the program. They get the full transformation when you sell.

This does not happen immediately, it takes momentum and build up of it for sale to happen. So don't discount momentum in your building.

Consistency is important in any business as it creates a good foundation and provides a form of stability for you. Once you’ve done that you can start to scale with group programs. 

Group programs allow you to serve more people in a smaller amount of time. Imagine being able to coach 10 people within the span of an hour instead of the span of 10 hours. What would that do for you?


However launching one can be a little bit more difficult.  Which is why I’ve created a checklist that’s going to help you launch your group program without a hitch. Don’t miss a thing with this checklist! Get the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist here.


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