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How to be a Good Facilitator While Coaching in a Group Program

Feb 27, 2018

Being a group program coach means we are coaches, teachers and facilitators.  Our clients are paying us to help them make the entire process easier for them.  We need to make sure we’re delivering on that.  Let me share with you some tips on how to be a good facilitator

Get more Interaction posts before anyone even joins

Engagement is crucial.  Keeping your clients engaged is a prime way to increase your prowess as a facilitator.  It becomes very difficult to do your job when someone is disinterested or disengaged.  Luckily there are ways to vet for engagement, even before anyone enters your program.

Give them the right pricing.  There is a direct relationship between how much someone spends on something and the level of commitment they have for that thing.

For example let's say someone pays you $100 for six months of coaching and someone else pays you $10 000 for six months of coaching. The person who pays the 10 000 will be more engaged, they’re going to be more active in the group, and they’re more likely to complete all their assignments.  These people are more likely to go out of their comfort zone and do what they need to do to get the results that they want.

Humans naturally want to seek a return on their investment.  They want to make sure that they get the full value that they paid for.  You’re just not as invested if you haven’t spent the right amount of money.  As a result you're going to be less engaged as a whole.

Find the right group size. If your group isn't the right size that can cause clients to lose engagement.  If your group is too big people can feel like they’ll get lost in the shuffle of things.  If it's too small people can feel overwhelmed. 

Remember that your group program is not a one and done type of program.  This is a program that you're going to be running again and again and again.  Aim for sustainability when you create your groups

Play with the size of your group program.  See what allows you to make the income you need but also be on the look how big the group can get before you lose engagement and ensure that everyone can get the service and support inside the group program.  This is going to be an iterative process.

Be selective with who's joining your program.  Its also important to know who joins your program.  Ideally you want to have some “go getters” and those that you know are going to do the work. We can’t just allow anybody in who wants to join.  There's going to be a lot of people that aren’t going to be the right fit for you and your program and that's okay.

This can be done via applications, discovery calls, or a combination of both. Whatever you decide to do, be more conscious of who your taking on as a client.

The art of and the importance of facilitation skills

Create a Central Hub. We as people like to gather together.  Houses, parks, malls, churches, you name it.  Give the opportunity for your clients to also gather and congregate together. 

There's a few ways you can go when you do this.  You can create a membership site for them.  This is an okay option.  The issue is they have to log in consistently to see all the content and participate in the conversation.  

I like using Facebook and having a Facebook group for them.  People are generally on Facebook a lot and they’re already logged in on their apps.  Everyone is far more likely to see everything and be able to participate in the conversation this way. It just takes the entire hassle of a membership site and throws it out the window. 

Have a Success Plan.  Know what it means to be successful in your program.  Let them know what they’re going to get out of the program.

Inside the program I begin with a simple training titled “How to get the most out of your coaching program”. As the teacher as the person who is leading them, It’s our duty to show them how to get the most out of their program.

Another part of your success plan is to ensure that they are seeing everything that is going on.  Having the central hub is crucial for this, but having a Facebook group makes this even easier on them.

You can have a reminder for important calls coming up and your members can see that while they’re scrolling through their feed. You can tag them in your posts to send them a notification.  You want to make sure they attend the calls.  Because the group call is huge and if you're not attending you’re not getting anything.

Check on your Quality Assurance.  Make sure you are giving the best service you can possibly give your clients.

My job in corporate was to increase the profitability of the hospital that I was working at. We wanted to decrease the length of their stay by increasing the quality of their stay. Doing so I was able to increase the profit margins of that specific institution by over $400,000 in a single month

Quality is a big part of profit.  The higher the quality of your service you provide, the more you will retain customers, and the higher your profit will be long term.

My Experiential coaching exercise

My final tip is to Innovate. Being a coach is not as simple as giving them the material and letting them figure it out.  You need to be involved in the back and forth conversation between you and them. Solve the right kinds of problems that are coming up in your group.

In my group program I was noticing that people knew exactly what they needed to do to get the results but they were having issues actually going and doing it.  I created a challenge within my group of about 20 people at the time.  

Split them into groups of 3 or 4, then build a point system based on different money and income producing activities.  Then I gave them an incentive with the most points to win an in-person intensive with me, which was around $15 000.  Needless to say that everyone was able to keep everyone in their group accountable for things they needed to do.

When you notice problems come up in your group give them creative solutions for it.  Make sure you’re not just solving any problem, but you’re solving the right problems. Be creative in your solutions and make them uniquely yours.

I hope this helps you in becoming a better facilitator to your clients.  We aren't there to do the work for them, we’re there to make sure the work gets done by them. 

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