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How To Be Productive And Create Long Term Success In Your Business

Nov 02, 2020

In the current state of the world productivity is becoming more and more important for many people. With the advent of working from home it's become crucial to manage our time wisely, especially when it comes to our work days.

Today go through some tips that I use and show you how to be productive so you can get more done with your day.


Inside The Productivity Mindset 

 What is the most useful thought I can have regarding productivity?

It's not that I don't have any time. 

If you think you have no time you're going to continue to create “I don't have anytime”. You’ll create more stress and the frantic feeling that comes with not having any time. These are not the thoughts that are going to be in alignment with what you’re creating.

What is the thought that is going to support your goal of being more productive and being able to scale your business?

One that has worked very well for me is “Structure gives me freedom”. Having structure in my schedule, and process helps me get more things done. 

That structure gives me the freedom of not having to think too much about it and I don't need to have a running to-do list in my brain because I use systems. This really helps with challenge launches as it's a really big project for me and my team.

That’s what I love about structure, it gives you the freedom so your not always mind tracking everything because to do so is exhausting.

The structure gives me the freedom to be creative in it.

What i mean by that is i know the general things i need to have.

Back to the challenge launch, I get to be creative in what the topic is going to be, what I'm going to say during the live streams, what the teaching points are, etc. I can be creative within structure

Constraint is a beautiful thing if you are an artist. I don't consider myself an artist but I like to colour, paint, and draw. I like to give myself constraints because they’re fun and it produces a new level of creativity for me. 

Let’s say I’m colouring, I'll say I'm going to do this in monochromatic. All the colors I'm going to use on this piece of paper is going to be blue. All the colors are going to be blue, but within that i get to be creative and it's super fun.

That mindset is the same mindset I transfer over into structures, systems, productivity.

If you think you need to be productive, don't have time or anything that has a scarcity mindset then you’re just going to be more frantic and create more scarcity.

If your resisting system structure, schedule then you are also inherently resisting the freedom that comes from executing on that.


Ask yourself... 

Why are you really resisting that freedom? 

Why am I resisting that piece?

Can I play the long game and stick with it enough to see the results on the other side?

On the other side of structure, systems, schedules can have huge results! 

A Lot of this kind of work is delayed gratification. At the moment I want to go have donuts.

At the moment I don't do my landing page.

I do discipline practices with my kids. I know that this may sound super horrible, but it allows us to strengthen our muscle of discipline so that we can have the long term reward of what we really want.

With my kids it would be absolute chaos in their room. They’re 3 and 4. It was a disaster there, you could not see the floor at all.

What we decided was everyday before they go to school they have to clean their room and they have to make their bed.

This is their discipline practice. We made it into a game, a family activity so everyone did it together. This way it didn’t seem so disciplined and frigid.

That discipline of “i know we're running late, it'll take two minutes to pick up some toys off the floor” makes a world of difference long term and doesn't cause chaos in the room.

This applies to your schedule and structure. The small amount of disciple and staying with it goes so far in terms of the long term game.

Have the mindset of structure and systems allow me to expand my creativity because I can flow within them. If I'm resisting structure and creativity, I’m also resisting what's on the other side of that which is the freedom of what it is we’re being disciplined about.


How To Cultivate Good Habits That Will Last A Lifetime

 How well you keep your word to yourself is a reflection of your relationship to yourself. 

If you have a task scheduled on your calendar for 2 o'clock and you don’t do it, instead you’re listening to your donut cravings and sitting there watching Netflix, It's not a reflection of your character as a person. It's only a reflection of the relationship with yourself.

How much you are keeping your word yourself.

Up until 2018 I was having really good success with keeping my word to other people. This was never a problem for me. But I found it really hard to keep my word to myself because i had this habit of scheduling something and not doing it. I wasn’t following through with my word to myself.

How I tried to fix this problem was committing to it publicly and that worked for a while. Then I realized that the public is not always going to be there. Who is always going to be there is myself. 

I need to strengthen my relationship with myself so that I can continue to stay with the things I want to do and create that freedom for myself.

Ultimately anything I'm going to try to be productive about is for myself. I want to honour myself as much as much if not more than I'm honouring everyone else. Because I can then show up for my clients even more.

Productivity Strategy

Look at your top income producing activities.

The 80/20 rule is a principle that states 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities. What we want to discover is where 80% of your results are coming from.

I look to see what programs brought in 80% of the revenue. For me it was The Impact Formula, my signature program. The other 20% came from random things I was selling. Anytime I’m promoting anything that isn't my one program that is bringing in 80% of my revenue is an opportunity cost.

So now that we know what the 80% of the result is, we need to find out the 20% of the effort that’ll take us there. This is different for every business and every person. For me I had done challenges, webinars, sales calls and different ways of selling.

 There was one that came out on top and that became my top focus from that point on. I even had resistance to doing that as my top focus but my coach told me that needed to be my top focus.

Really zero in on what your 20% is and do more of that. More volume, like how many people are going through that conversion event, or a higher frequency of you using that conversation event. 

Let’s say you realize that challenges are your 20%. It doesn't make sense to do challenges once a quarter vs a challenge every other month. If you had sales calls as your top conversion event you're going to want to do more sales calls, simple. You also want as many people to go through that challenge as possible so you're going to want to invest in advertising and promotion.

For you to be more productive it doesn't have to be you doing more work it can be you having more people go through your conversion event. This is so simple but we get sidetracked by all the shiny objects, and everything else that we could possibly do.

Keep it super simple.

When you keep things simple there is no stopping and wondering what you should do now. You know what you're going to do and you can just continue executing and you build up momentum.

Delete, delegate and automate.

Every time you're doing something that is not your top income producing activity you're paying yourself to do something that someone else could do.

For example if I was the one to take the time out of my coaching day to schedule out every single post on social media, I wouldn't be able to do the coaching throughout my day. I wouldn’t be able to serve my clients and bring in more money. Because I would have to stop my day to service a client, post, service another client. It would break up my entire flow.

Think of it like that.

Would you pay someone to do the little things the same amount that you’re getting for coaching your clients?

Now think about how you can automate some things to take the pressure off so you can just focus on the top level activities.

Writing the email sequence is a top level activity because only I can share my story and why I think the intensive is good. Only I can share that, no one else can really share that.

Think about the top level activity you're willing to do for different projects. How much would you have to pay someone for that project? How much your making per client and if that exchange is worth it for you right now.

This is the hardest thing to do when you're having feast and famine cycles. The reason you're having these cycles is because you don't have the bandwidth.

My coach told me to imagine trying to put a tablecloth on a table and the table is your business. But the tablecloth is too short, so what you're doing is shifting it one way and leaving another part of it exposed.

For example the service side of your business. You go to cover the service side but now sales and marketing are exposed. What happens then is you have no leads and less sales.

This is the most frustrating place you can be. The best thing to do at that point is to trust yourself and hire someone to cover the aspects that you need. Grow the bandwidth and have them work with you to grow the client base.

I built my business to 15k months with my two kids under two. I had no nanny and I had a part time VA.

It was the decision between “do i invest in someone to help me with the business? Or do I invest into some nannying? And freeing up my time”

If you're a mom and working from home while juggling all the things with the kids, there may be points in your life where you're making the decision between investing more in the business or more at home. This is going to be different for everyone, think about what your strengths are and where you most need the bandwidth.

Either way you want to ask yourself how you can expand the bandwidth so you can extend the tablecloth all the way. That tablecloth could be just for your business or it can also include your home as well. 

Think about your investments and where you put your money. Think about what would make you feel the most abundant and feel the best next.


My Final Productivity Tips To Get More Done

Productivity does not mean always working.

This was hard for me. 

Time blocking, and having nothing but back to back meetings can work sometimes. But there are times when you need to give yourself a little bit of a break.

When I had 15 one-on -one clients I used to do 15 minutes between calls because it was too much for me, I had taken on too much.

Think about how you can reward yourself with staying with your schedule and keep going long term. This is a long term game and the more you hold out for the long term reward, the bigger the payoff. 

Schedule in down time and free time and allowing yourself to flow through that.


Opportunity Cost

Learning this lesson was like getting hit with a freight train.

I was launching a membership site while shifting my messaging. So the audience that had was not appropriate for the site I was launching. Once that was all said i done i had 6 people in a membership site.

It was very heavy for me to try and run this site

I couldn't bring myself to really love doing all the work i was doing for the amount of pay i was getting. Which was about $50 dollars a month per member. How it works is if you have a smaller offer, you're going to need a larger audience to reach income goals that are comparable to having a high end offer and a smaller audience.

At the time I was still consulting and pitching someone a 65k package. I asked myself, why am I investing all this time into this membership site making $200 whereas I could be taking that time and going and making another 65k offer. 

What is it really costing you to invest your time, energy and effort on the things that are less productive or less financially rewarding, or less emotional rewarding? Look at this all ways, it doesn't have to be just about the money. Examine what it is really costing you and are you okay with that price or not.

I ended up going with group coaching which was a nice mix between doing the hand on consulting and membership site.

Consulting was financially rewarding but not where my heart and soul was. The membership site was okay but not not providing the level of support I wanted and didn't have the level of financial rewards I was looking for.  I went for the middle group and that's how I zeroed in on my group program and decided that this was going to be my signature program.

Group programs provide you with the best opportunity to scale your business without devoting every waking second to it. 

What if I told you that you could service all your clients in the span of one hour? What would you do with all that extra time? Get ahead  in other aspects of your business? Spend it with your family?

However preparing and launching a group program is not as straightforward as launching your one on one practice was. It requires a little bit of work and I’ve created a list so you know what goes into a group program launch. I call it the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist. You can get this for FREE.


I’ve launched my group program to great success many times before. But before my success I made some mistakes. Same yourself some time and frustration by learning from my mistakes. The Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist is all that experience condensed into an easy to use checklist.


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