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How to Be Productive as a Mom Entrepreneur

Jun 02, 2021

Many women who start in corporate and then become moms, want to become stay at home mom entrepreneurs after a too-short maternity leave. The problem with this, however, is that many make the mistake of not understanding the proper business principles that will allow them to become stay at home mom entrepreneurs while working part time hours.


5 Tips for Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur Success


#1 - Use a Master Schedule. What this means is basically time blocking your day with the things that you are prioritizing getting done every week. You’re going to look at all of the things that you do -- both as a mom and as an entrepreneur. And then you’re going to organize your day accordingly. 

The big thing to remember here? Kids are kids. Life is life. I would caution you to not be absolutely married to the idea that your schedule is going to be “perfect” and that it’s going to flow easily from task to task.



#2 - Two Minutes or Less = Do It Now. The premise of this is pretty simple. If the task is going to take you two minutes or less to accomplish? Just get it done. 

Whether it’s something simple like two dirty dishes in the sink or wiping down the counter? Those two minute or less tasks start to add up and can really eat away at your productive working time. It’s easier to just do it while it’s in your face, anyway right? We all know how it goes when you think, “I’ll just do it later.”



#3 - Get help if you can get help. If you can get help? Take it. Now, this could come in the form of babysitting, meal preparation, or chores. It all depends on you and your individual situation. 

Now, I get it -- sometimes it can be hard to accept help. Especially when we, as women, are used to doing all the things on our own. We may even think that accepting help is a sign of weakness. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Accepting help is not a sign of weakness. Where can you get help right now? Write one thing down and go find someone.


#4- Work when you are at your peak. For years, I was that person who woke up at 4AM to get everything done. Because that was the pocket of time that I had because that was when my kids were sleeping. But, even when getting up at 4AM? I really wasn’t being that productive. 

My energy blocks are later at night and trying to force myself into the “morning person” mold was doing more harm than good. A productivity coach taught me that. And she also helped me to understand where my natural energy blocks were so that I could make the most of those pockets of time.


#5 - Gamify it. Who says that productivity and getting things done has to be boring? This is often why we don’t get things done. Because we think it’s going to be hard or painful, right? 

The things I have been able to do without any problem have always been the most fun. And if I’m not finding a certain task fun, I make it fun by gamifying it. Now that could be as simple as allowing yourself to listen to really upbeat music while you work.

Or it could mean playing a game with yourself about how many words you can write in one hour and then beating that record. It could be how many words you can get done before your next kid interrupts. 

And, pro tip, most kids shows are roughly 25 minutes long (counting commercials) -- see how much writing you can get done in one of those 25 minute blocks. 

Bonus Tip - Have a scalability strategy in your business. Having a scalability strategy will not only help you to create consistent recurring revenue in your online business, but to also allow you to hire a team.


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