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How to Block Schedule as a Work at Home Mom Entrepreneur

Aug 11, 2020

Organizing a working schedule in the current situation has been challenging for all of us. We’re all dealing with the struggle of juggling work and taking care of the kids in some way, shape or form. 

Whether you are working full time or part time on your business and managing the kids who are now at home full time, there are still a million other things that need doing.

Motherhood overload, am I right? This is my life, and it's probably your life as well.

I want to share some of my tips, tricks, and strategies that have helped me the most over the last few months since quarantine began. I started my business when my first born was three months old and when my second child was born, I raised both of them at home full time while I was growing my business. You could say I was raising 3 kids. That was from infancy all the way till now. They are 5 and 6.  It’s fair to say that I have had to figure out a few tricks to get it all done. 

Weekly schedule for work at home mom entrepreneur

Make sure you have organised yourself at the beginning of the week. Everytime that I don't plan ahead of time, everything goes off plan. 

On Sundays, I organize my whole week by asking the following:

  • What will I cook for the week?
  • What appointments do we have for the week?
  • What other important events are coming up that week?
  • Are there places I need to go?
  • Which errands do I need to run?

Then I look at the main income producing objectives for the business. We do this by asking, what are the things that need to get done to move things forward? Before I would do this all on my own but now I have my project manager to help me. 

We set out goals for the week and those goals set the stage for my daily task list.

Now all shit is going to go to hell. We know that the plan is not necessarily going to be followed. So there's a few things that helped me along the way.

The block schedule and what to put in your block schedule

The block schedule, or master schedule, is all of the things that are top priority for yourself and it includes the time blocks of when you're going to work on them.

Now if you have your kids at home, this kind of shifts a little bit. So you will still use this block schedule, but because of the constant shifts throughout the day, you have to reduce your expectations of yourself. 

So instead of pushing yourself to do all the things you use to get done without kids at home, you should be planning out plenty of time in between things and give yourself double, if not triple the time to get things done. 

Daily tasks for a work at home mom entrepreneur

I stack up my mornings to set out my day. I check in with my team every morning and I can guarantee that everything that I’m not able to do because I'm taking care of my kids is going to get done. 

I can guarantee this because I have prepared my team with systems and infrastructure to get things done without me being there. 

You have to have a team behind you, even if it’s just one or two people. Because without that, it becomes a game where you can't grow your business and also take care of your family.

The systems are step by step instructions for the team members to get the same results that you would be able to get in your business. 

As far as planning ahead. When there are kids at home, you know shit is going to hit the fan. To accommodate for that you should really only have a 3 item to do list for your daily business tasks. 

Those 3 items should consist of:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Customer success

Having a project manager is super helpful because they're going to be the one handling all of the team stuff, and they might give you the three items to do list for your stuff. 

Mindset for Work at Home Mom Entrepreneurs

One of the ways to set yourself up for success is to stop thinking that you can't do this. Stop telling yourself that it’s all too much for one person. Those thoughts are not going to be helpful. They will drag you down and make you believe it

Instead you should tell yourself, I can totally do this, guess what? I'm fucking doing it. Tell yourself that everyday

So if at any time you get into like the self pity train or the, I can't do this train, I want you to really sit there and look at the fact that you're already doing it. You've already been doing it for X number of months. 

Make sure you give yourself credit for everything you’ve done and stop discounting the fact that you've already been doing so much.

Now, here are some of the other things we've done around the house.

Brain boxes and brain bags

They are tactical and educational activities that the kids can do any time that I am on my phone. These are all things that they can mainly do on their own with super simple instructions and require no hand holding while they do them. 

Visual schedules. 

If the children are little and they can't read yet, we have a visual schedule, which has pictures of all the things that will be done for the day.

So every morning after breakfast, I sit down and I review what day it is, what the schedule's going to be, what they can expect to do. I have those things color coded. The beauty of doing this is that it showed me how much more they could do than what I was giving them credit for. 

Monday through Monday schedule

When I was taking Saturday and Sunday off when virtual school started, I found that it was harder to get them back into a routine than it was to just keep going every single day. On the weekends there are some special events that we do. 

We do more stuff at the park or the beach, and more fun stuff like that. But the evening routine stays the same. 


I got timers at the dollar store and the kids love them. Before I struggled with getting them to do more than one worksheet for their homework time. But since I got the timers, they're now willing to do as many worksheets as possible. 

My oldest, who's very competitive, will now challenge himself to do as many worksheets as he can in a set time block. 

How to Block Schedule as a Work at Home Mom Entrepreneur Conclusion

It’s all about simplifying and creating small systems around everything that needs to be done.  

Dishes, for example, emptying the dishwasher every morning and running it every single night. That simple system ensures that I have one job in the morning and that's to empty it so that everybody else can fill it up during the day. 

And for laundry, what has worked for me is to stay on top of it. So I do one load in the morning and I fold it every night. It's not my favorite thing to do so I do it while watching Netflix. 

 And then having simple systems in the business. Like having a system for content creation and content repurposing that's mostly hands off from you. 

 Having a system for everything else that needs to happen in the business in order for things to get done without you. 

 Literally, my one job in my business is to show up for videos, show up for interviews that my team books for me, do sales calls and coach, those are the 4 things I do. And that makes it super simple and super doable for me.

 Lastly. Stop telling yourself it's too much and give yourself credit for everything you’ve already accomplished. 

If you want to set up these systems and have the support to get your business set up, go to the link below and get our Work at Home Mom Planner.