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How To Build A Strong Relationship Between You And Your Ideal Client

Sep 01, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, if you are a coach or wanting to start a coaching business, you should not think of your ideal clients as magical unicorns that you are trying to chase or find somewhere within the internet.


Instead, think of them as somebody that is probably already in your circle and somebody who is a tangible human being just like you and I. It’s very important that we do the mindset work around what we believe this person is and not put them on a pedestal that automatically creates this distance between you and them making it even more difficult for you to reach out to them. 


Next is to go out there and talk to them. How do we do this? It can be as simple as creating a post that speaks about something that you want to help people with that they may relate to. Inside the Impact-Driven® Coach School, we work with our clients extensively to create this and test their coaching offers and their messaging so you know exactly what words will resonate with your ideal clients. 


Afterwards, you are going to have an actual conversation with them. It’s critical that you take notes or even better, record your conversations so you can come back and re-listen and reevaluate your conversations with your clients. You want to listen to them to discover what it truly is that they’re saying about their problems. This can give us the same perspective on the actual root of the problems they may have.


Now, what are we supposed to do with the information we gathered from our conversations with our ideal clients? We can use how they are feeling, how they exactly describe their problems, and how these affect their day-to-day life when creating copies for our social media posts, emails, or any marketing material that we publish. This will help you draw your ideal clients’ attention to your posts.


However, the process does not stop when you create your posts. The conversation and touchpoints need to continue on in order for you to build that genuine connection not just with your ideal clients, but anyone else that is engaging with your content that is resonating with them. These people now become your sales leads that you can have conversations with about the coaching program that you offer.


The process of building a strong relationship with your ideal clients happens very organically and overtime. But this is a guaranteed way of knowing that you will have people to listen to you once you start selling your programs.


We teach you at length how to build, nurture and pivot your client relationships into sales conversations inside the Impact-Driven® Coach School. Join us and enroll today. We are accepting enrollees until September 1st midnight.


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