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How to Build a Successful Entrepreneurial Team That Reduces Your Working Hours (EP #210: REBROADCAST)

Jan 18, 2021

Can you answer me this when it comes to successful entrepreneurial teams:


Have you ever seen a thriving coach micromanaging her team, because she can't really trust it? Has it ever crossed your mind to grow your team like you would grow a tree?


In this episode, Mariana talks about the right mindset and management needed for a successful team. All that, so you can cut back on your working hours and pay yourself back what you want.


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Key Takeaways for Successful Entrepreneurial Teams:

[01:30] Have you ever looked at mindset from this light for your successful entrepreneurial team? 

[04:17] This is how you build out the profit producing role clearly

[04:48] Why managing your team effectively is important and how to do it

[06:36] Have you thought about what huge expectations mean for the people you hire?

[07:15] This is why you want to have your mindset part down

[08:48] This is what you want to know for the future of your successful entrepreneurial team


Are you eager to break the feast and famine cycles that keep your ship from growing? Do you want a team you can trust and make a good amount of money? An amount that you want to pay yourself? Then book a discovery call and we will help you out!


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