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How to Build Effective Teams So That You Can Grow Your Business With Them

Jan 15, 2018

Oftentimes people say they need a team member, but they can't afford it. Don't think they need one and they’re not really sure what they would give them, so they just don’t hire. I think this is a mistake. 

There is nothing like having someone help you with your business. But I understand what they’re feeling. Building a team that is going to support you and your business can feel like climbing a mountain.

Today I want to show you some strategies on how to build effective teams in your business. Including where to find them, how to filter through a sea of applicants and what you need to do to have them stick around for the long term.


When to Hire and Signs You Need to


There are signs you should be looking for to see if you actually need a team member and if it’s important you get one immediately. What are the signs?


You have feast and famine cycles in your business. 

You go through these phases in your business that are similar to a rollercoaster. You go into sales and marketing mode when you hit a low point in your income. Then you go into service mode because you sold out your programs and you now have clients. After you go into panic when those contracts end and go back into selling mode.

You’re the only doing sales, marketing and the servicing then you can see where the problem is.

If you're experiencing this in your business then it's time to get some help around the marketing and sales. You need someone to do this while in your lows and while you're servicing your people.


You are doing everything in your business.

Let's say you’re getting paid by your clients $200 or $400 an hour. You also are doing every image on Canva that takes you an hour a week. You're essentially paying someone 200 an hour to do that.

Would you do that normally? Probably not.

What happens is if you’re busy doing that, you’re not doing more of the things that are going to generate higher income for you.


You feel like you’re near burnout or something as to give

You’re pulled in 20 directions and it doesn't feel great in your business as you're getting clients.

You don't need to hire someone as a full time employee or part time. They can come in as a contractor who works very few hours.

When I first started I had someone work for me for 3 hours a week. This gave me the brain space and wiggle room to do stuff I would not have been able to do.

Another way to fight burnout is to add a group program. This allows you to leverage your time so you're not stuck spending all your time just servicing clients. If you’re interested in group programs then check out the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. A FREE resource that will show you create and launch your own group program to success.


Effective Team Building Strategies To Keep In Mind


When bringing someone on it allows you to focus on things that are in your zone of genius. This is very powerful and you need to make a note of it.

If we’re working on things that aren’t in our zone of genius we spend less time in our genius zone. This is the opportunity cost of it.  In our genius zone we grow faster and lighter because we aren’t drudging through all the tasks, so it benefits us to be working in it.

Next, think about the possibility that there are people who are able to do something better than you. If you get a copywriter and they write excellent copy, wouldn't it mean they’re better than you at writing copy than you?

This is going to be hard for some of us to come to terms with. This was hard for me because it was hard for me to outsource my voice. The truth is there are copy writers out there who are better than me at writing my voice

If they’re good with tech or websites, it's going to take them a fraction of the time it would take you to google it and find the answer to do the same thing.

Give your people more than the tactical to-dos so you get a positive ROI on your investments so you're not paying yourself plus them. Therefore having to increase the sales that you yourself are responsible for generating. This is going to continue to grow as your team grows.

I had that moment where I had several people that had to pay and because of this I had to generate all the income to pay for not only myself, but also them. That is a very draining place to be.

What you can do is start delegating some income producing activities to your team members, so that they're generating a positive ROI by doing just their job.

Everyone in my business is responsible for producing positive ROI. That means that I must give them things that actually give a positive ROI. Not only that, but they have to actually execute on that and get that positive ROI. It's both of us working together in it. This truly feels more like a team effort than like me paying for everybody and moving this huge ship by myself.


How To Go About Building a Dream Team


Create the job description.

The job description is listed with the top goals and the top things that I care the most about. Which are the money-making activities at the top of the job description. Moving down they are less and less important to me, because they're less likely to generate money for the business. 

You might find that the job might evolve or change as you grow. That's okay, because you're a growing business. It's normal and natural that the job description will slightly change. 

Don't look at the job description as set in stone and think of it more like a working document. As your business grows and expands and your team grows and expands, you can continue to alter that.


Start to set up processes for your team.

I like to create video walkthroughs of all the processes that we do. I will create the video, show it to the person and have them create a process for it.

They create a google doc that lists every step in the video that they just watched. This way before they execute on the task I know they understood all of the intricacies.

This is a very powerful thing to have in your business. They can share with you what the process is and you do a once over with them to make sure they got it. Like a trial run of the task before they actually get to doing anything.


Seek out your team members.

I've used onlinejobs.ph. This gives you people in the Philippines and I've got some great hires from there.

Craigslist can be good too and you can find people locally.

Internships.com If you’re going to have an internship rather than a job please check your laws in your state. Some states will not allow you to hire an intern for credit, they must be paid

Upwork.com works well too.

Don’t underestimate the power of your own community. Your friends, people in course and programs you’ve taken together, people on Facebook, email list, Facebook fans. These people can connect you with or be the people that work well in your business.


Use a multistep approach in the hiring process.

In the job description that I post publicly I will say something obscure that I might want them to do. For example I might ask them to use a very specific subject line in an email they submit to me. If they fail to do this they’re automatically removed from the pool of people that are going to be interviewed.

If you use Upwork or onlinejobs.ph you're gonna get a lot of applicants. I've seen up to 96 applications within 24 hours. To filter them out I use a multi step approach.

Creating an opt in a highly detailed oriented task, like many other tasks in the online space. If you're not then you can’t do that job accurately.

These personality traits or soft skills such as being detail oriented are more important than experience. 9 times out of 10 the team members that don’t work out are the ones that were hired based on experience and what they knew while neglecting things like worth ethic.

You can always teach them how to use WordPress, LeadPages, etc. You can’t train someone in worth ethic or other personality traits.

Once you get past all these small tests you’ll realize 90% of the applicants won’t do these things. This is important because you get the prospects that are detail oriented and can follow directions. These are the people you know are the ones that are going to last in your business.

When you get to this point you can start interviewing them. I like to ask questions in terms of determining their work ethic, how they work and different scenario questions. Scenario questions are important because it tests their critical thinking skills, you don't want the person to come to you for every single thing.

You will quickly go crazy with someone asking you about every single detail. If not then that's fine but this was something I wanted to look for.

Know yourself enough to know what are the things that are going to anger you. Design questions that are going to show you these answers.


Onboarding your new team member.

Start with a general orientation of your business so they understand what you do. Not having any experience in the online world can be confusing so you want to make sure they get what’s going on and they know what their role is within your business.

Next give them their first assignment. This is very important when it comes to new hires.

Have an assignment where it feels doable for them based on their experience.

If they have no experience in the online space at all I'm not going to have them do an opt-in. If they have done it before and maybe just aren't used to our software then they can do an opt-in.

Another thing is that it needs to be something they feel excited about. This will make a huge difference to them. I've given some of the new hires their first assignment that they aren’t crazy about and then they get discouraged. It changes their first impression of working at the business.

Give them an assignment that really lights them up then give them assignments they’re less excited about. I will just ask them straight up what they’re most excited about in this role and this usually works.

Their first assignment needs to be simple but fun and doable for them based on experience.


How To Manage a Team Effectively After Hiring


Have regular meetings with them.

Initially I've been meeting with the people on my team about one to three times a week. Having some set meetings where you're coaching them, you're walking them through things, and encouraging them. Share with them what they're doing great and what they can improve. 

I look at these as coaching a client, because of how much I invest into that relationship. I think that is a huge and has helped me a lot in my retention and improving the communication and the relationship.

I've had project managers before where we met once a month or once a week and that was never enough. Meeting multiple times a week allows me to stay on track and allows my team members to stay on track. 

At the end of the week I want to feel like if I'm paying you, I want to know what you've done. Money not leaking out of my business. I know what you've been up to and maybe what you're going through personally. I want to feel amazing when I give you money at the end of the week.

Meeting with them multiple times a week has helped me do that and also made sure that we're getting stuff done within the assigned period. I was missing that for a while as I would give them assignments, but then I wasn't following up. I meet with them in the beginning of the week and at the end of the week. I know what's done and what's not done.



Regularly review their progress and coach them.

What the culture needs to be is a no surprises culture. You need to have a culture in your business where if they’re falling behind you will know about it before it's too late.

If they’re not doing the job and you talk to them about it, it doesn't feel like a surprise attack on them. This is for both your benefits and offers no surprises on both sides. Everyone is open and transparent.

This comes from the regular meetings and it becomes very difficult if you don't do the regular meetings. That's why we have surprises.

People like the podcast editors meet every once in a while but it's not like he’s doing sales. Podcast editing is a very different task. It's different depending on the type of role they have, especially if they're a contractor.  Think critically about the role and what is needed for meetings with you.

The other thing that's important is for you to have clear communication with them and let them know where you want to communicate.

There are so many platforms that you can communicate with your team on and you should decide on which one you want to use. Having a clear, designated place for communication helps you in a lot of ways.

The biggest and most obvious one being that you can maintain communication but also not having to find that specific conversation. If you have to go back and look at something, it can be frustrating when you're looking at all your emails, Facebook, Trello and Asana for five different pieces of a conversation about a specific thing. It’s just easier to have one place where you all communicate

Having those reviews and letting them know that they’re doing a good job, if they are, or what needs to change. 

I once met with one of my team members and told her she was doing a good job. Her response was “I am? I'm doing a good job? She had no idea and it was just a reminder of how that simple affirmation that they are doing a good job can make their satisfaction with the role much better helps them to feel really good.

Building a team is critical to your success in business. This is also where you can start to scale  your business. The next best way to scale your business is to implement a group program.

Building a team frees your time by having them take care of the things that aren’t in your own zone of genius so you can focus on what you're best at, coaching. Adding a group program allows you to leverage your time and not be in coaching calls all day.

Imagine servicing all your clients in one shot rather than spending one hour for each of them. You could spend that extra time doing what’s really important to you, like spending more time with family.  This is possible with a group program.


I’ve helped hundreds of clients create and launch their own group program to success. I know the common pitfalls and problems they come across. So I’ve created a FREE resource that I call the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework that contains all my knowledge and experience in an easy to use checklist.


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