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How to Create a Signature Coaching Package for Your Coaching Company

Sep 09, 2020

You’re doing 1:1 coaching but you're burning out. 

You’ve tried scaling with courses or groups programs but they haven't created that consistent revenue for you to finally drop down on your 1:1 practice and reduce your working hours while increasing your revenue. It’s The Coaching Dream. But how do you get there when it feels like you’re stuck in the coaching nightmare? If that's not bad enough, hiring contractors have cost you more than what you made on your launches and you’re basically back at square one. 

I want to help you fix some of these problems so that you can have a 3-day work week while making six figures a year. 

How? You ask. 

By helping you create a Signature Coaching program!

You can run a thriving, impactful company and not be burnt out. You can have a coaching company and be a great mom. 

The key to getting there is to structure your business to work for you. 

But to achieve this you’re going to have to intentionally orchestrate it. It's not something that just kind of happens.

In this blog, I want to walk you through a few things that are going to make you feel a lot better in terms of the products and services that you're offering and how to finally cut back on those work hours. Especially with the kids at home right now, and going back to school and all of the adjustments that are happening at this moment.

So in a coaching company, again, what we want to do is develop a signature coaching program. 

What is a signature product?

Firstly, the answer to not having the sales you want is not creating new products or services, and adding more and more offers.

The answer is having a Signature product, or what we in the Impact Driven Entrepreneur call a Northstar Offer.  

A North Star offer is that program or course that you take to $100,000 in sales so that you have a strong foundation to scale from. It's the thing that you're filling or selling on a regular, consistent basis. Read more here.

Let me tell you how I know this. 

In my first year in business, I was creating a new product every time I launched…What a shit show that was!

I was never able to uplevel any of those products because, even though some of them were working, I wasn’t able to refine them. I was just making exponentially more work for myself.

It was super exhausting doing everything from scratch each time, where instead, if I would have had one signature program, one way to launch it, I could just tweak it and build from what I had already done. 

Choosing a Signature offer

When you're coming up with your signature program, ask yourself this.

Is it scalable? And really, really think about your options. 

Six to Eight week programs

If you're considering following the trendy route of a 6-8 week program, err on the side of caution. 

Here’s why:

  1. You generally can't charge high-end if you're doing a short program
  2. It's going to take you six to eight weeks, sometimes even 12 weeks to launch. So you're going to be counting solely on the success and revenue of that launch, because you have no money coming in next month.

Although the model seems good in theory, I want you to think about how often you would need to launch to make the recurring revenue you want. And in between launches or if your launch doesn't go that well, you’re left scattering around to find 1:1 clients again.

So with this model you can never really scale away from that 1:1 service or that super high level “done for you” service.

Done for you service or a 1:1 coaching program

It is also totally possible to scale a “done for you service” or a 1:1 coaching program but you're going to need a team and experience in managing people. 

And if you’re not yet at the level of hiring and managing a whole team and you don’t have the infrastructure and systems in place to orchestrate that team, then you might want to consider a simpler starting point.  

High-end group programs.

Here’s what I recommend: High-end group programs.

With group programs you can service 10 - 20 people at the same time that it would take you to service one coaching client privately. 

You are also able to continue to charge high-end premium rates and you'll be able to replace that one on one income.

So, now you’re like, Hold on a second, What is my group program, what am I going to do? 

What does a Group coaching framework look like?

Do I need to have stuff ready in advance? 

I don’t have shit ready!

I don't have a members area. I don't have courses. I don't have presentations, I got nothing!

And that’s the beauty of a group program. 

The only two things you need to start and fill your group program is people and an outline of how you’re going to get those people the results you offer. 

This is the framework for your signature program. And you probably already have that framework. 

If you've been coaching 1:1, you know the steps you took with each client to get them from where they were, when they came in to where they ended up.

Even though every client is different, there will always be fundamental similarities with your method and the steps you took to help them achieve their results. 

The trick is to orchestrate them all together into a system and create your own framework. 

And your framework doesn't have to be in exact order, that's totally fine. 

You just want to make sure you're communicating that to the people who are going through it. 

If you want to see if your business is ready for a group coaching program, download our free checklist here!

Take-aways for Creating a signature coaching program

Creating your signature program that you’re able to leverage in order to scale your business is essential if you want to increase your income, work less and live the ultimate coaching dream.

High-end group programs are one of the best and easiest programs that any coach who has 1:1 coaching experience can employ as their signature offer and start scaling their business without having a huge team behind them or having to launch every few weeks

All you need to create your signature high-end group program is the outline, people and a date.

Download our FREE Group Coaching Launch Checklist and get ready to leave the feast and famine cycle of 1:1 coaching for good by creating your very own High-End Group Program. Click here to download!