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How to Create and Sell Courses with Nicolya Williams

Dec 23, 2021

The process of creating your course is a tedious one and requires you to devote a lot of your energy and effort. So, how do you go about starting to create one, and more importantly, finishing it? What is an effective way of selling your courses?


In this virtual coffee chat session, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Nicolya Williams who shared with us how she has successfully created multiple courses and also making profit out of them.


Key Takeaways from How to Create and Sell Courses:

[01:54] Process of creating your course online

[04:12] Some beliefs that will help to stick with your commitment to finish creating your course

[11:36] How to sell multiple courses and other offers online

[12:43] Reframing your mindset towards selling

[14:16] Micro niches and how it works for Nicolya and her business

[18:24] Vertical vs. horizontal organization


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